Just Be Deaf

It’s all about how people usually would listen too much to what people around them said, while they are supposed to listen to themself.  Sometimes even a good will could be the worst poison. It happens everywhere, everyday, in people’s life. And now see how it happens to mine. And about this posting, I am actually inspired from a story from a friend, forwarded by e-mail (thanks to Arnot^^).

You know sometimes I could really be annoyed to people around me (especially for what they said) and sometimes I could really ignore everything they’re blabbing about. FYI Indonesian culture here is generally containing too much veyourism, people just really love to dip their nose into other people’s business. Well in my life, not to mention those disorder people lurking around, those who tried to take everything I owned. Well they could do anything they like, if it was meant to be mine, then it will simply came back to me even if it’s gone for years (I prove it already, haha). I was kinda down before, since seems like too much people were unhappy of seeing me being happy. Even those who actually was trying to support me, their words end up like a big hook in my throat. How could you say such advice “Don’t close your heart to any of those guys approaching you, you’re far away from your boyfriend, you never know if maybe he had someone else. If you’re too serious then someday he left you, there’s nothing left for you” to a person who’se deciding a serious long term relationship at the very first time? And yet me and him was hoping that this is the first and the last time being in serious relationship. We really planned to get married a few years later.

Others were whispering behind my back, underestimating me and my works, and some even make rumours that my work isn’t really original.  They said my parents (who’se apparently lecturers) help me in my work. Well maybe they forgot that my parents are economic doctors and not cultural studies. Or maybe they’re too stupid to understand the difference between economic-business and banking-my parent’s field, and cultural studies-critical theories-my field.  And even when we’re talking about the same topic like Marx or other topics our view could be totally different-one is constructing and the other deconstructing. And this is how I see, how negative and even positive words could even be the same poison: making destructive chaos in mind. And I’m not sure this one would end up pretty.  At least it ruins your peacefulness.

Back to the topic before, about the frog Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
well..the mail my friend forwarded to me was in Indonesian..but I could simply translate the story…the story is about a frog race. Simple, but it’s inspiring. Here’s the story:

Lots of little frogs were racing toward a super high tower, and the audience was yelling stuffs like:  “No way, the tower is too high”, “Nobody could ever make it there” or “It’s  too damn difficult for them!!” One by one the contestant is giving up. Halfway, people start to yell..”Gosh, they’ll never make it!” more and more little frogs were giving up. They’re too tired. It’s getting nearer to the top of the tower when people start shouting again, “It’s way too difficult!” “There’s no way they will make it!!” Then more and more little frogs were trying no more. Only one left was still running..she run and run…until finally she make it to the top. The others were so curious, how could she be the only one who make it? Surprisingly the answer was simple:  She is deaf.

And so that’s how she make it to the top. She never even heard any of those words that drowned the others down. And the wise word in the story (included in the mail) was: Never listen to those negative words saying that you could never reach your dream. They are only dragging you away from what you could be.

I believe my dream is just around the corner to reach (and maybe yours, too^^)

So that’s why in the end, I’ll just be deaf Image Hosted by ImageShack.us


3 thoughts on “Just Be Deaf

  1. anne says:

    hey dit, yeaps u are right.. sometimes what people thinking is bluring what we are thinking. what people will or going to say is more important that what we want or need actually. they said we can`t make it or they said we can make it, it`s really influence our thought. n suddenly make our decision or thought weaker than before. just a simple example, when we wearing a clothes that actually really comfortable for us then we affraid if people don`t like it n will harash us.. hmmm…
    is just a simple example. btw it`s our life but it`s really difficult to live it without listen what they thougt… maybe bcoz we are a social creature.. hmm maybe

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