2010 resolution for blogging and (fashion) mindset

Yes dearies, I am back after a long time I haven’t write anything. I am busy with my artworks, thesis and other stuffs, but yes, I do compromise to work more on writings since I had a long vacuum already.  And the most important thing in this resolution is, I am no longer going to wait for my article/journal done to have a post here, but I am going to write any interesting stuffs I found-randomly. But of course, what I am going to write is not going to be too far from my field, as you know I don’t like to be distracted away from the main aim of my blog here (even sometimes I write my personal life here too) :p

Well then, straight to the point. It’s the 2nd of January when I read my sister’s magazine and found this article about Tavi Gevinson. I found a girl like her before, only she is Indonesian and not American like Tavi. Unlike other people, my reaction might be much different with others. They might say:  “genius”, “awesome”, “wow”, or something like that. What I said was “such kids are addicted to fashion? gosh.” Wait, it’s not that I’m saying she’s not great, indeed she is awesome. But yeah, you know I’m dull and kinda geeky so I still had no idea why such kids around 10 (Tavi is 13 and the Indonesian girl I found is 10) could be so attracted to fashion.

Is that because they consider fashion as an art, fall in love with the glamorous look in fashionista world (like branded stuffs etc), or they just love to look good in nice wardrobes? The answer is, I have no idea! >.< Maybe because I’m a 22 year old weirdo who never have much passion for branded stuffs, make up or anything like that. Brands that makes me crazy is probably just MUJI (the toiletries are super awesome), and the Body Shop. I do love to fill my closet with cute dresses and stuffs, and even in my artworks I do make some accessories. But I could never let myself doing those more than doing something else like going out or reading books. I hate the feeling of being stupid when I don’t read books or newspapers, or saying “what’s that fuss about?” when my friend asked my opinion about a happening case. Well doesn’t mean I’m saying all those whose involved in fashion world are stupid like that Indonesian editor from Eve.  Well if it’s her, I read an article about her in a national newspaper and almost faint for her idiocy. Eww I don’t wanna be like her >.< Hate this? Ok sue me.

Moreover, I am still curious (man I’m a blood sucking bookworm) about this phenomena. Is this something that has just start to appeal, or is it just a mushroom-spore euphoria? Or is it both, weirdly intersecting? Psychologicly I also need to figure out how this broad micro-mindset work. I guess I have to find out more. Nothing in my head now is sufficient to solve this at the moment, dammit.


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