random post about parents obsession and child stress

I was having  a light talk with my sister at the curch (yeah I know I’m not supposed to do that, but this is really interesting to me). A big fat kid just passed-which is actually my sister’s classmate. He is an autical kid (yea that’s what I heard) but smart enough to get the first rank in class.

Angel (my sist) said that this kid is very thin-skinned if somebody bullies him for gettinng a lower mark even just a little. So innormal for a 5th grade kid. And when somebody does he will be brutal, messing things, beating his friends and everyone in his class thinks he’s kinda creepy but they kept making fun of him by mocking him again and again.

There is a rumour that the kid’s mom always force him to study until 3 am in the morning (well Angel said the kid says himself) and perhaps even worse if he got lower marks. That kinda make sense to me. For why should he be so sensitive if   someone brings up the mark issue?  And he never freaks out in any other matters. Hmm sounds fishy to me.

Perhaps he is not autical. I don’t  know and I’m not sure, this is even barely a hypothesis since I don’t  even know the kid in personal. But from what I heard, it is very possible that this kid is actually not autical but depressed because of being exploited to study. Many parents do this for their own sake and they kept saying that this is for their children’s good. A very selfish yet effective way to force their children.

In the end I just wanna say, here now we saw a lot of child abuse. Mostly it is physical abuse. But what about mental abuse? I think it may be even worse than physical abuse. Put concern here, dear parents…When it comes to domestic problems in the east it is even hard to mediate the problem since parents still think that their children belongs to them so they have the right to do anything they want to the kids. And that is awfully wrong!


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