Life is a show: tiny philosopicly synical note

Life is a show. A very simple and famous quotations. Not sure who wrote them for the very first time. Anyway I’m just going to write down what’s randomly popped out in my mind. A simple quotation, does that mean it has a shallow meaning? Frankly no. Does that means it has the same significance as it’s simplicity? Big no. Does that also mean, people could simply understand these four words? HELL NO.
Anyway, shortly I’m not going to turn this into an epic movie. And not a drama either. I’m not a type of entertainer, trust me. Some old philosophy script, or usually even the modern one – based on old philosophers took such heavy context and very less people had the capacity to load it safely into their minds. Not sure if I can do better but let’s give a try.

Life is a show. I’m imagining like an enormous theatre, yeah you can just imagine all big theatres in the world merge into one, haha. Is this that much a life show, or is it played by full scenario? Half – improvised? Or is the play, the play itself? Not so sure.
Some people are the main actors. They play their roles. Some may be hated for being an antagonist. Nah, don’t hate them. They’re maybe just too much into their part.
Some people are playing as the protagonist, the nice people. I don’t use to trust them all the time. They probably just enjoy being nice (or playing nice) – and forget the reason why.
Some people are working on the setting. Got dirty hands, plenty of work. Doing things as ordered, and more or less, contributing ideas. But usually less appreciated.
Others are managing the lightings, fulfilling those human sense of ‘exact dim for exact moments’. Perhaps they’re not even noticed. But their works are real.
Some people are in VIP, or even VVIP class. Some deserves it, but the rest,err…you can say they’re just a lucky jackass. Anyway what’s the use for having a good seat but not getting the meaning of seeing the show actually? Thinking you get it doesn’t mean you get it.
Some people are peeking from outside the theatre, for not being able to get a ticket. Actually by watching they get something more than just a ticket. And not to mention being lucky for not getting too much in touch with the VVIP jerks. Those dumbs ruins appetite, really.
Some people are just a nuisance, making horrible noises during the show. In some sense this reminds me to quote “God is forgiving.”. No, I say the owner is still going to order the security to kick you out if you do so. And outside the big ugly guard dogs are waiting for you. Some hideous people says “So is that mean we can do anything we like? We can ask for mercy afterwards. You say God is forgiving right?” Well, forgiving doesn’t mean you can do anything you want then be forgiven. Basicly the nature law is still the same: you have to pay whatever you’ve done.
And paying whatever you’ve done, doesn’t mean if you do 5 big sins, you get 5 paybacks. In this case math doesn’t really counts. And it doesn’t goes like, if I pinch you someone will pinch me back. It’s not that simple. Way a lot of things counts in. Like, say…your heart. How evil is your aim when you spread those bad words of someone you envy? Stealing like Alladin to survive a living is not the same with feather brained shitass chicks who stole for buying more make ups to cover their shit brain using those horrible porcelain face tools.
And in the other hand writing this doesn’t get me to know things better either. Socrates indeed said, “The more that I know, the more I know that I don’t know.” (ergh, this quotes reminds me to someone who tried to look smart by copy pasting this wrongly.Duh). Aih, and my brain starts to drain for less reading books. Gotta fill them up, reuniting with Plato and Descartes all along. Yes folks, life is a mind game. And ignorance is really a bliss when you realize how hypocrite those humans could be.


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