which matters more

I love to play with famous quotes lately. Let’s see…

A classic quote: a glass is half empty.You say it this way? Perhaps they’ll say you’re pessimistic. A glass is half full. They’ll say you’re optimistic.

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fix yourself before you fix your problems

I don’t know why but lately I do prefer to write a lot about life rather than posting about artworks in my other blog. Maybe I’m just so in to life lately. I’ve got a lot of inspiration from other cynical people like my highschool fellas, but also the un-cynical ones like my darling dion. You know, let me share you a little story, about what we need and what we want.

As you know, I’m a person with a cynical thoughts, sharp tongue (if some of you have ever felt offended, then I apologize for that), even perhaps, it’s not much reflected in my look.

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the bloody uncommon – among the common(sense)

And yeah I had another chat about relationship. Like I am so worried about it whole my life, I never care that much before. It was so like, when I’m bored with things, with the person I’m with, it’s was an inch to whisper goodbye. Never really mind to skip from person to person, seeking the feeling people were chattering about every second in the universe, but it’s so hard to find. After all I am an INTJ, I don’t tend to think about feelings that much, my myers briggs personality test said I use feelings only around 33% and that’s very uncommon-people would say, especially for a (cute looking) girl – I hate it when they say so.

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