which matters more

I love to play with famous quotes lately. Let’s see…

A classic quote: a glass is half empty.You say it this way? Perhaps they’ll say you’re pessimistic. A glass is half full. They’ll say you’re optimistic.

I say that doesn’t really matter. Indeed it’s half full yet half empty. What matters is how you think about it. Saying it half full literally means you’re optimist. But being optimist without maximal effort is worthless. In the other hand thinking it half empty doesn’t always mean you’re pessimistic, maybe you’re just trying to be realistic (saying it half full is realistic too, actually). But I think saying it half empty could be a trigger to “make the glass full”. Sometimes wise words cannot just be seen literally. To me it doesn’t really matter that much either you’re optimist or pessimist, what matters is how you do it.

How about this one?

Nothing is blankly black or white. Normally people would say, “Oh, so there’s a gray?” Nope. Not just gray. A white with a grey shade, A black with a pure white spot, etc. And about grey, yes, some greys are intertwining in between, but not always.

This random thoughts actually illustrates how I think and feel at the same time. Again, about the person I love the most,and about our future. I am about to graduate, finally. But I have to go abroad and spend around two years for master degree, and it’s not that easy to decide where,when and how. The hardest part is to leave him here with his time consuming double degree study.

Doesn’t mean I won’t. This seems a very hard decision for us, but he said he’ll let me go. I never told him how much I cried everyday since it’s already hard to met him since we’ve been together, because we lived and studied in different city.

My glass is half empty, since he’s not with me. My glass is half full, because I got the very great chance for my crazy dreams. But my glass is also full, since I am no longer one but two. I am white but also black. Undiscrebely grey looking, and the shades are undefined.

It doesn’t matter anymore why,how,what,when. I believe what I know is I love him,  and he loves me. Nothing could ever change that. He’ll wait me and I’ll wait him. We’ll always be together no matter what. Somehow we already proved some impossible things are very possible, before this. Now it’s just another big leap.

Heavy rain could end a day with gloom but starts another day after with a shining rainbow. And dear God, I know a thousand thanks is not enough, but I know you know how much I am thankful for everything you gave me, especially because you sent him into my life.


2 thoughts on “which matters more

  1. citraningrum says:

    so sweet 🙂
    balancing career and love is though.

    but if we do give much efforts, even in the there-is-no-way there is still a way.

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