critical or foolish?

I am very fond of critical thoughts, generally. But lately I’ve seen people using “critical” ideas and words for self integrity-seeking purpose. Well, sorta normal but in some case, it might  be a boomerang who will knock your head down to the ground in front of public.

Last time when Sex and The City II was out in the theatre people were talking about it and I found that someone I don’t really know wrote a facebook status talking about Carrie Bradshaw. She said something like criticizing the movie for imaging an editor as someone whose sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop and a cup of coffee, wrapped in some glamorous look. She was thinking that not every editor would look like that. And to me it’s actually funny that the facebook status quite catch people’s attention to comment that they agree with this critic.

As usual, I only could roll my eyes and smile cynicly. To me it sounds funny criticizing something without seeing the context properly. It’s like trying to break the rule without even knowing exactly what the rule is. No, it’s not that I’m laughing at her, but it’s still funny to me how people try to criticize things without seeing the whole concept.

First, of course not all editors would look the same. Well everyone knows that, obviously. Especially if you compare an editor of HRW and CosmoGirl, for example. Second, if she is criticizing that way, well she might picture a newspaper or publisher editor in her mind. Well she forgot that Carrie Bradshaw is a fashion magazine editor, and a freelance writer for Vogue. So a picture of her with glamorous looks sitting in front of her apple laptop with a cup of starbucks coffee actually kinda make sense for the constructive lifestyle in the movie.

So please, do consider the context before criticizing, unless you don’t mind to fool yourself.