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Have you ever feel something, but you don’t know how to describe it? I think, even just a few times, everybody does. And that’s what I’m feeling right now: undescribed. Unfortunately, I found something that could represent them better than words:

(keep calm and breathe)

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In some ways I am too perfectionist, I need everything to get in order…and when it’s messed up I’ll freak out. As the time passed by, I learn not to be too much stiff. During my early childhood I moved to several town, including several countries, that’s why I’m forced to learn English, reading, and writing quite early. I get used to read books, any kind of books: comic, story books, encyclopedia, and being thought not to do things that might distract my study such as playing PC game.  As I am living in an apartment with other immigrants and locals, I was also taught to be well mannered. Maybe those were some reasons why I used to be that much stiff, besides, basicly I am an INTJ anyway, know what I mean?

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a small critical consideration

Last week I can’t skip to my mail inbox without seeing Stephen Hawking on the Yahoo! featured news. When I’m on twitter, people and some big newspaper I’ve been following also post news about him. One news in a national newspaper even choked me with the title “Hawking Salah Mengartikan Tuhan” (Hawking Mislead the Meaning of God). Unfortunately, I’m confused why people raised ‘God’ and religion as the issue while the subject is a very famous scientist who concerned about human extinction?

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