a small critical consideration

Last week I can’t skip to my mail inbox without seeing Stephen Hawking on the Yahoo! featured news. When I’m on twitter, people and some big newspaper I’ve been following also post news about him. One news in a national newspaper even choked me with the title “Hawking Salah Mengartikan Tuhan” (Hawking Mislead the Meaning of God). Unfortunately, I’m confused why people raised ‘God’ and religion as the issue while the subject is a very famous scientist who concerned about human extinction?

I tried not to talk about this since I debated with some of my folks about it, but it keeps intriguing my mind since people still stubbornly think the same. And when last night I went to the bookstore with my cousin who just came back from Germany well it’s been tickling me when I saw a book titled “People Who Killed God”. What appear in my mind next is: “Boy, Hawking’s name will soon be engraved in that book.”

Same thing with Einstein, Hawking agreed that ‘I want to know how God created the world.’ and he doesn’t believe that God is playing dice with the world. Means, he never really said God never exist, and all he mean is about knowing how the world has been created in the first place, scientifically. How come this is mixed up with religion?

I don’t wanna blab much. All I wanna say is, I just don’t get what people are mumbling about him. To me he is a great scientist, not that I’m his big fan, but I just think what he is concerned about is still the same, human extinction, and I don’t believe if he is wasting his time by arguing about God’s existence. He may just be bothered with the fact that people used to simplify some crucial questions such as “how does the universe exist at the first place?” or “how a planet was created?” with simplifying the answer “because God made them.” It’s funny how people’s inner ego was kicked that hard just because such scientist was trying to encourage people’s curiosity about science, in the need of survival (as noted that he talked about human extinction so many times before).

And the worst thing is, some people keep insisting that “that God created the universe much more make sense.” That is such nonsense, since the term of  ‘make sense’ is something you can prove with evidence. Those what so called ‘evidence’ are something you picked from the bible, thus not scientificly proved. In fact, no one can prove that right now, and the most important thing, unconciously you are horribly mixing science with religion. I reckon that as one of the most stupid thing ever happening.

I humbly assume, that those persons whose been bothered by Hawking’s statement was perhaps feeling insecure. Deep inside they might been wondering “What if he’s right? Then who’s the person I’ve been praying to everyday?” “Who’s the one I’ve been relying on these years?” And so on. If you’re actually having faith (that is strong enough)  in what you want to believe in, whatever sentence from whoever won’t bother you that much, I suppose. As I think religion is something what people want to believe, and not what people should believe.

Sometimes understanding the essence of a genius is completely out of your mind if you keep forcing your ego. Perhaps THIS little story could illustrate it much better than I do.


2 thoughts on “a small critical consideration

  1. citraningrum says:

    a bit harsh there, Jude *haha.
    I am the example of people standing between the “terrible twos”: science and religion.

    I am working on scientific area, and yet I believe in God.
    Both contradicting each other, but I do (think that I) realize the difference between them.

    It is a bit unfair to try to explain the existence of God using science, simply because I think science and God are pizza and hydrogen, both are different category.You’re making good point there.

    When people try to compare them using the same point of view, they will annihilate each other, one exists but another can’t.

    And yet people are so eager to defend their religion, simply because they feel powerful with it; they judge based on religion, they value according to religion, sometimes religion makes people out of their mind.

    That’s why I am living in both *smile.

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