maybe you should call me ‘Frank’

Maybe you’re wondering..why Frank? it’s a men’s name, isn’t it? Indeed. But that’s not it. The reason is simple. I think I’m really frank, I said everything straight to the point and I oftenly don’t care to whom I’m talking to, to me everyone is the same. A mistake is a mistake and a critic is a critic, no exceptions. Now you get why a lot of my teachers hated me :p

Another proof that life is only a mind game. I broke up with the guy I dated for 6 years, and I didn’t cried when we broke up. I believe my mind, my intuition no matter how hard it is but I stand tall. Somehow it’s funny that I feel much better right now, I mean not the heal, but if you compare my condition when I’m still with him and my current condition, well I love it this way.

I had no relationships to maintain, I had no obligation to come back to Indonesia if I happen to study abroad for masters, no rush of marriage…and I could still be close to my bestfriends especially men. I love making friends with men: no jealousy if you had a better relationship, looking better, cook better, achieve better in academics etc. I don’t like unhealthy rivality in friendship.


I had my own elixir right now. I don’t care about how should I plan with this person, in fact I don’t plan to plan anything at all. I believe in each other and that’s the only thing that matters. He teaches me how to be mature, and how to open positive possibilities in life. And that’s all I need.


If you might wonder, how I believe that much in someone, and in future…well it’s like holding the world you want in your hand. See the picture above? You had the world you want in a small glass.


random (silly) philosopher joke

Some random things popped in my mind so I decide to tweeted them as a joke. Then I paste them down here plus the clue/explanation, in case you think my idea is too absurd :p btw I might tweet some more, here in my twitter acc: @judithchen

» If dumb ppl would listen to Thales’ speech, perhaps mini fridge will be a boom bang instead of blackberry.

→ because Thales said “everything is basically composed from water” mini fridge would be popular because the dumb might think everything would easily melt or vapor anytime.

» #whenDescartesMeetsTiffie | “hey, I don’t think you belong here. Who are you?” | “Tiffie” | *poof* (tiffie disappear)

→ Tiffie is a nickname to our famous *cough* Indonesian comm&info minister, Tifatul Sembiring

→ because Descartes said “I think, therefore I exist.” Tiffie doesn’t think therefore he disappears.

» Marry me? | eer…you think, no? | uhhh… | you don’t even exist, then | #descartesOD

→ clue: same with the above

» Marry me? | …. | hey don’t ignore me | why? It’s a bliss right | #platoOD

→ because plato said “ignorance is a bliss”

There you go. Hope you like it. Well, if I happen to write some more, I’ll post them here after I post them on twitter. Thanks for reading. See ya! 😉

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no resolution

Ah…maybe it’s a little late to talk about new years resolution. I may sound pessimistic but what I’m gonna do is making no resolution.
I do believe in some ways when we select a target, then it will be a final destination. What happens afterwards is our mindset is set to some sort of roads, turns and exit. Limitations, invisible borders, that’s what I mean. So what I’m gonna do is setting everything free, no limitations, no exceeded expectations, no target, none whatsoever. Just doing my best in everything I can.
Last year my life was screwed up with my thesis, my (ex) boyfriend, work, master program seeking etc. And how did I manage to get out of the whole crappy mess? Ask those who saved me. Say hello to my brand new life 🙂