Further Note of Sexual Repression Analysis

Around three years ago I wrote about homosexual double repression hypothesis HERE. After I read what I wrote before, I had the intention to write the further hypothesis, hence I actually had the aim to elaborate the writing into one big picture. So this is just another further note of what I wrote before. I read several books and journals, it helped me a lot to capture the bigger frame of what is actually going on. In my previous work I wrote about homosexuality paradox in the modern era.
This post is functioned as a self note. I’m actually a little confused in what language I should write it down, since I wrote my previous work in Bahasa Indonesia (since it was due to personal class project submission – which has been commented by my lecturer as “too philosophical”) but it won’t stop me to write what I want anyway. To me philosophy is the basic thought to everything. Actually I suddenly had the idea of saving each of my writing under the same theme (yes, this one) to be gathered into one book. Very slow work I must say, since I just got the idea popped in mind, but well, better late then never.

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