There is a ‘know’ in ‘knowledge’. Is knowledge then still a knowledge if what we know is what we think we know; a form of concept of thoughts in human’s mindset, of the original? (Say, I’m a Platonian and Voloshinov based person.) Then eventually, perhaps human’s knowledge never exist in the first place.
But alas, this is only a Parmenidean based semiotic mind game. The language itself in some sense is a blunderic human built system, where the synthome remains as the unknown most of the time.

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the mindset blunder

The mindset blunder is a situation currently happening nowadays, whereas there are too much social crash phenomenon, fluctuative, fluid-field, therefore the state of mind is repressed. Invisible boundaries are then formed:

→ “those who could grasp more and held essential information about the eco – social phenomenon is the Master”

Which is of course, an idiotic foul. Thus the mindset is blundered, reduced, unconsciously, to an invisible limit that will cause a mental crash onward. And note that this is not a form of katharsis.

further note: this is my personal analysis, paralel example by observation in progress.

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Technology Reduces Human’s Intuition?

Have you ever wonder why intuitive people are very less populated nowadays? According to Myers Briggs scale, In (Intuitive) people only sum up to less than 2% from the whole population, where as only 1/3 of them are women (even generally they are more dominant).

Was it for example, handphone usage? We all know that before a wireless technology was even founded, human had the barrier to detect each other in separated space, and thus their natural instinct developed to sense another human’s existence, even aura, and reading the signs of nature. Ever since technology developed, human are attached with tools that creates an invisible link from one to another. Thus, a system within a society is also diasporing. This is noticeable, of course. But the thing that has been missed is the cutoff and the reducing needs of intuition. Since there is a tool that enable the communication linkage between human, intuition is much less needed than before. In my personal opinion we also need to note that the development of technology itself also slowly but sure develop a certain mindset within human’s brain: that is, the blunder of the term ‘logic’. Personally I think it’s really stupid to consider intuition as something irrational, judgemental, just because your capacity as a human to use your intuition is not the way it supposed to be anymore, like perhaps, a thousand years ago.

This is a long term process of course, but ever since the intuition is less needed, I would say the system goes similar as Darwin’s theory of evolution. The capability encrypted in the mental mindset had evoluted of course, not only the capacity of the brain and the shape of the body.  The thing is, it is not a positive landmark since it is reducing, and not developing. So in some sense, human capacity are developing in one term but going backward in other things. I would say this is one blind spot that crops as one blunder within the current mortals living these days. People keep saying intuition is this and that, it’s oftenly described as something abstract and irrational. But I believe there must be some way to describe it, even in human blunder mindset method, carved in whatsoever called ‘logic’. I need time to figure how to make this explanation. I guess I made too much notes already. Oh yes, tell me that again, I heard so much already about being ambitious.

So now, if you think your intuition is not working, blame it on your blackberry *evilsmirk*.


movie note: King’s Speech

Everyone knows that the King’s Speech is a splendid movie. But well, I say better not let the excitement blow your mind just like that, as there might be some things that can be noted as a semiotic reading. I’ll give one good sample I spotted, meanwhile I’ll try to memorize and note them down.

Again, minor scene but to me, it’s once again an essential soft encrypted message.

It is the scene where the Duke of York got the epiphany that was a turn to major change → when he starts to deal with his stammer. And that moment was done with a tool: an American-made silvertone.

Impressive, I must say. But well it’s better to note down other things that matter such as the producer, corporation, main actors, the true history behind it, etc. Complicated, entangled fun.

Movie analyzing is like flirting a hot geek. Enjoy it, see the details but don’t be too much carried away unless you’ll blow your mind :p

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Suddenly March

I must admit time goes by too fast. Suddenly its march 2011 already, its nearly my birthday again. I still don’t know what to do, for me my time had stopped 3 years ago: 29/05/2008. I sense its nearly the moment for my time clock to start ticking. I just don’t know when. Just take this as a little confession.

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