the power of distraction

Distraction, in some ways can be used as a method of focus-training. When the rhythm of brain absorbsion slow up, distraction might work to catalyze the mind (for example, when reading). Distraction might work to catalyze the mind, in order to tune back the rhythm. The difficult part is trying not to get over distracted, in this sense, ‘self-alarm’ is required. Why people generally don’t recognize this method, is probably because a mind block. ‘distraction’ is oftenly categorized as a ‘negative’ term (black box), thus the mindset separates the possibility between ‘good things’ (white or maybe, grey box) and ‘distraction’. Mindset blunder. This is the premis that I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope I have more time to figure it out. I need loads of epiphany.