the missing card

I was reading the Sunday newspaper when I stumble upon a weekly feature. And that article reminds me to something that just happened last week. I was clearing out my purse when I found out my ATM is missing. Tried to find it everywhere but it went just poof. Somehow I had the feeling that that yellow card will came back to me eventually. So I keep seeking for it at home, instead of reporting to the police to get a new one in the bank. A few days later I went out with my friends to the mall near home. I walk to the receptionist to ask if the security had found my missing card. Then they direct me to the operational room.
I have no clue at all about my card number and it has no name on it. So I gave them my autograph sample as proof. I didn’t even remember when did I lost it. Maybe like, one or two months ago. Yeah, I’m so careless :p
Still, I believe I won’t lost it. So I didn’t panicked. You can say I’m stupid for not getting afraid or being so careless, that I may lost all of the money I have. I don’t know but I trust my intuition. In the end, I didn’t lost it at all. I got my card back, and I didn’t even miss a cent. So you know what, just believe what you need to believe. If you only calculate, perhaps on the paper you will say that the possibility of getting my card back with all the money in it untouched is like…impossible. But my intuition said, nothing’s gonna happen, everything’s gonna be ok. And that’s just how it works 