kinda busy and sick of douchebags

Here I am mumbling again. Recently I got kinda lots of things to do, and I’m currently not really good at managing time. But I’m trying to, since I’m having a few deadlines upcoming. I got a Deutschkurs, a few pending application, pending project and craft orders (this time, bundles of them). But yeah, I believe I can as long as I believe I could. Well, that’s how it works, right?

So apparently I will (NEVER) pay attention to any douchebags since it’s wasting time. To be honest I’m actually really sick about it right now. Those guys who think they deserve any girl’s attention because they’re good looking, rich, literate, whatever those blah blah blah is…I won’t pay attention because of those label of yours. If you think you’re cool, just because you’re walking with those labels on your forehead, go to hell. Even if you had all those, if you don’t have the attitude…man, you’re actually still nothing.

Alright, enough with being cranky. I’ll see you next time (hopefully) with a better mood and better things to talk about.