The Hallelujah thing

Today I went out with my best friend, and while sitting in her car I heard the song I used to know as an official soundtrack of my favorite movie: Hallelujah by Rufus Weinwright. She told me that the lyrics are unusually sensual since it used the word “Hallelujah” as a major plot.
As this is a soundtrack of a Disney cartoon, I wonder why this song was picked as one of the soundtrack? And it was played nearly the turning point, or you can say, a part of the McGuffin sequence. As far as I remember they didn’t changed the lyrics either. This kind of eroticism tickles my brain, as I recall what I found with Tinkerbell – related to Marilyn Monroe.
See, these are some of the lyrics:
Your faith was strong but you needed proof,
you saw her bathing on the roof,
her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to a kitchen chair,
she broke your throne, she cut your hair,
and from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Oh yes, I’m curious with a lot of things. But I’m still having my ADD, so perhaps finishing the book I’m currently reading about Hitchcock and Lacan would be nice. I miss writing serious matters. I mean, I really want to write a little finding in a proper journal.


why are you writing?

There are some things that keeps intriguing my mind. Why does someone write? Most people would dearly answer: ” To express my mind”, or ” To shout out to the world” (to me both basicly sounds the same). Or perhaps ” Because words are catalyst puzzle”. Whatever you may say, to me most people are not that humble to say so. Humble in the sense of, the one who’s answering at that moment was their conscious. But what about their unconscious? Just say, this is merely because I think the only part from human which is humble is the unconscious. But then, the unconscious itself could be manipulated.

One reason why I start quitting on twitter was that I think (say it, I judge. Yes I do) some people are just ego maniacs who used their twitter as a display to show off.  Sorry to say, but bluntly, that’s how I feel. And yes, you have the right to mirror back those words to me.

I found a few blogs that annoys me, for example. These people are those type who said that they wrote for the sake of molding out their ideas out of their head. But what do you think, when you read in the “About Me” section, they were , saying that ” I’m not going to write in the ‘about me’ section, you can guess about my age, school, what I’m like blahblahblah from my writing…so good luck.” or ” I won’t say I’m smart, but you can judge me from my writing…” That is TOTALLY SICK. First, doh…you DID just wrote the what so called “about me” section. Second, well if you’re trying to make someone else curious of you…do a proper writing with intriguing ideas, then someone will eventually be. Luring out such bait is somewhat idiot.

But then, if you tell this matter regarding the author, will they listen? Will they even realize that they are unconsciously doing this? My brain was catalyzed to read the journal “Measuring Psychopathology”. I need more reference about this. So for now, let’s redefine the word “humble”, shall we?