fill in the blank

What do you have in mind while you were filling a questionnaire, working on your test, filling a form? You might be filling in the blank. But have you ever questioned the term ‘filling the blank’? Well, at the moment, I do. Have you ever think is there any actual ‘fill in the blank’? Or, the real freedom to fill what you want above the dots?

We normally fill the conceptual ‘blank’ but not the literal ‘blank’. As in mindset we usually had it in mind a lot, but in some sense it’s not merely blank, it had the dots and the alphabets that you read ‘fill in the blank’. Next, we had the trigger or tendency, boxes, on what we want it to be filled. Like, when we asked something to someone, actually we are asking them to fill in the blank. But often, we had those criterias, tendencies, boxes, on what we want it to be filled. In the end, is there any real pure ‘fill in the blank’? Plato would just lightly say, it only exists in the world of ideas, perhaps.

It also probably shows that everything is political. Even filling the blanks in a form has it own norms and unwritten regulations. ‘Filling the blank’ is never that free, filling it and the prejudice/consequence afterwards are two different things, no? The tentacles of system that restrain what’s filled in the blank are political. It is hegemonicly arranged. So, mindsets are indeed arranged. And all the times we think that what meets the eye is just the social effect. But then, I believe it’s not. 

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