This is probably one of my rare mood to talk about my personal life. I am currently (almost) a student in TU Ilmenau, Germany. Yes, almost. I was admitted to the winter semester, only for some reasons I decide to go on spring. One of the main reason I want to study there is because my talk with Prof. Martin Löffelholz. He reminds me a lot to my previous Professor in Taipei, Prof. Chih Cheng Lo. So to fill my time, I am earning cash from making and selling handbags. Just this one past week I am off the mood for any craft work. Instead, I am currently getting frenzy around the pantry.

                Today is my sister’s birthday, and when I asked her what does she want, she only asked me to prepare a full menu for her : chicken garlic (somewhat like chicken cordon bleu, only it’s stuffed with cream of garlic and cheese), strawberry ice cream and green tea cake. So yeah, since yesterday I’m occupied in the kitchen. My friends likes my dishes and they’d say I better open a cafe or bakery, but I think I’m too much a rookie. This gives me the pulse, since  usually my hands are usually only working on my laptop’s keyboard or craft materials. As for desserts, I really had to blame David Lebovit’s The Perfect Scoop, it drives me insaneee. I downloaded the e-book version for free, so now I could make different desserts every weekend for a whole year! And I started modifying the recipees as well.

                Now toward my future plans. This time I’d like to share a little secret. Actually I’ve quite constantly been asked by some people working in my almameter, if I would apply as a lecturer there. Especially now, when they’re preparing to open an international class in a year or two. Honestly, I don’t really feel like it. I have personal reasons to flee from my hometown. Plus, working there means having my dad as my boss. Well, my vicious tongue could cause trouble for him, I suppose. I’m a person who doesn’t care with whom I’m talking to, when someone’s wrong, then they’re wrong. The thing is, will my dad’s subordinate tolerate that? I don’t think so.

                Oh well, that’s a little bit of my life. Talk to you again next time. Maybe I’m gonna talk about the book I’m currently reading for the upcoming post. See ya!


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