7 seeds

Hello, welcome back to the little twisted world of mine. This time, I’d like to say hello. Doesn’t sound like me, alright. But once in awhile it’s probably good to do so. Anyway, this is a picture taken with my laptop, right after I woke up. Tell me about it, I’m lazy to make a fuss about one picture. It’s just a hello pic, afterall.

Anyway, there are some things that came across my mind lately. I’ve been currently spending some spare times reading this manga: 7 Seeds. I haven’t finished reading it, the manga is still ongoing. The story is about a group of chosen people who had been put under a cryogenic sleep to avoid the 2nd mass meteor crush on earth. After the land is secure enough to accommodate a living, all the 40 peoples (5 groups, 7 of each + 1 guide) were set release. It’s interesting to see on how people’s coin sides keep flipping. Under pressure, normally the darkest side, or you can say the true color of someone will reveal. The character ‘Ayu’ in the story wished to be chosen as one of the ultimate seven (the only specially trained team) because then, she would live in a world where all the fools were already eliminated. I wonder if that’s what I want if I were in her shoes. Oh, was that rhetorical?


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