A Tribute to Nikola Tesla by Marco Tempest

I know I probably should’ve entitled it “Marco Tempest’s Digital Tribute to Tanagra Theatre” instead (as mentioned in the video), but oh well, it’s just me. Anyway, this is one of the most beautiful way of tribute I ever knew. Enjoy! 🙂


random oddness

I’ve been wondering, why ‘interesting’ things keeps happening to me. I mean, my life is always toggling and it’s hard to tell whether it’s good or bad, perhaps both at the same time. I recall the times when I was walking down my campus’ pavement in Taipei, chaperoned by a nitwit carrying a bible. The looneybunny told me she had a distinguish-interpreted bible. Turns out she is from Scientology. Dear me, I had to hide and turned off my phone for a week, and she already got some of my classmates into the whatever-brainwashing-courses. It’s scary to see on how the disciples lure around the campus catching the weak minded and dragged them into the brain laundry machine. Repressing the tail side of the coin and flip it downwards while having the head painstakingly upward all the time. Outcome: positive (looking) people but feeding the Jekyll inside. It’s only about time when will it went rampant. Urgh.

The latest story is, my grandmother has been ill and laying on bed for months. My mother had someone from the nearest church to give her communion at home. I never had any idea what this person was like, since I’m oftenly out of home at that time. But this time my parents went to Italy so they had me in charge. Shortly I prepared the table, candles, cross and other things for the small mass ceremony. Two minutes later came this Shrek-looking man and his lady. I offered him a drink, if he’s thirsty from the previous mass. I was trying my best to be polite to this whatever-stranger-from church (though I kinda loath these kinda people because they used to think themselves as a holy person) until he barked at me: “Itu nanti! Gusti Yesus hadir, semua harus menyembah!!” (translation: later! Jesus is here, all of you have to worship [in the context of bending down your knees] him!!) I was like…WTF!? I start to notice that this guy is crazy. But this isn’t the worst.

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pause break

I’ve been taking a pause from writing in the blog recently. I quit some of my social network activities such as twitter. The question is always the same: why? Because I think I’ve had enough of the swarming grandiose exhibitionism. Others who think other people has it, are using it for self promoting in a milder and distinguish method. It still looks the same to me anyway. I no longer like the cake, so I’m not eating it anymore. No sweat.

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