pause break

I’ve been taking a pause from writing in the blog recently. I quit some of my social network activities such as twitter. The question is always the same: why? Because I think I’ve had enough of the swarming grandiose exhibitionism. Others who think other people has it, are using it for self promoting in a milder and distinguish method. It still looks the same to me anyway. I no longer like the cake, so I’m not eating it anymore. No sweat.

My quirky imagination has depict the world in this matter as a jungle where the males are fail alpha douche and the woman are pseudo alpha bitch. I’m not generalizing, I’m just saying I saw too much of those. I’ve also seen those who appear to be a great person, are just using it as a mask. Some of them are indeed great, but that doesn’t change the fact that they’re just a puppet master. How they elaborate the elements in their blogs, for example, shows more. I always said I believe the world is just a game, and there are only three types of people: the puppet master, the doll attached with strings, and the ones who are forced to play. I know the typical words of those who are fanatic to social media and stuff, you can say anything you like. But bear in mind that there are researches for these matters as well. So say it, see if I care.

Anyway, it still contributes me to some ideas. I’m trying to find out some related things by reading and asking (as a small survey), that’s the best method for me so far. Last time I was talking with a fellow lecturer (actually I have no right using this term anymore as I decide to quit) along with researches he read regarding the matter. Not that I succumbed to anything that’s scientific based, but from the previous things I learned before, especially in the field of clinical psychology, I can’t agree more. The research by the Social Media Black also states that one out of three persons in the social media lies about their competence. Thus, showing that this is one of various method of self promoting. There are humongous amounts of modus in doing so, and this is nothing. These are some of the things I’m trying to figure out, since I think the paper I previously wrote for HPAIR 2012 is still no good. That’s why I’m revising it, though I don’t plan on going to the conference in Taipei anymore, due to personal reasons. Maybe I’ll have to reapply next year.

For one of the most common cases in terms of social media and grandiose exhibitionism, there is one last comment from me: Ladies, if you’re trying so hard to be the alpha bitch, either you’re conscious about it or not, let me say this. You’ll never be one.


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