random oddness

I’ve been wondering, why ‘interesting’ things keeps happening to me. I mean, my life is always toggling and it’s hard to tell whether it’s good or bad, perhaps both at the same time. I recall the times when I was walking down my campus’ pavement in Taipei, chaperoned by a nitwit carrying a bible. The looneybunny told me she had a distinguish-interpreted bible. Turns out she is from Scientology. Dear me, I had to hide and turned off my phone for a week, and she already got some of my classmates into the whatever-brainwashing-courses. It’s scary to see on how the disciples lure around the campus catching the weak minded and dragged them into the brain laundry machine. Repressing the tail side of the coin and flip it downwards while having the head painstakingly upward all the time. Outcome: positive (looking) people but feeding the Jekyll inside. It’s only about time when will it went rampant. Urgh.

The latest story is, my grandmother has been ill and laying on bed for months. My mother had someone from the nearest church to give her communion at home. I never had any idea what this person was like, since I’m oftenly out of home at that time. But this time my parents went to Italy so they had me in charge. Shortly I prepared the table, candles, cross and other things for the small mass ceremony. Two minutes later came this Shrek-looking man and his lady. I offered him a drink, if he’s thirsty from the previous mass. I was trying my best to be polite to this whatever-stranger-from church (though I kinda loath these kinda people because they used to think themselves as a holy person) until he barked at me: “Itu nanti! Gusti Yesus hadir, semua harus menyembah!!” (translation: later! Jesus is here, all of you have to worship [in the context of bending down your knees] him!!) I was like…WTF!? I start to notice that this guy is crazy. But this isn’t the worst.

Since we had trouble giving the host to my grandma, our servant came in and tried to give a hand. The Shrek guy then barked at him too, telling him to get out because he’s Moslem and it would filth the ceremony. Then he got angry why wasn’t everyone in the room. Well apparently everyone’s been busy doing their part (my aunt and 3 cousins were at my house atm) since again, my parents are abroad and apparently my sisters are useless. Then the Shrek lady pushed my little sister Angel on her arm (because she ain’t joining the ceremony) telling her to turn every gadgets off, and to move my grandmother’s wheelchair to the right position (what the hell is the right position for a wheelchair!?)

In the end, the Shrek got angry because everything wasn’t like what he wants, he snapped to my aunt who remained silent. For the second time we had trouble with giving the host to my granny, so I had to call my servant again. I was trying so hard to shut my mouth when this holy-shitting Shrek preached me about calling my Moslem servant and how he won’t let the host dropped even one dot, or else there will be another superlunary things like the bloody host in Kidul Loji church. I just left him with those bubbles in his mouth, I was too angry.

In front of the door my servant refused, he said: “He said I can’t, because I’m Moslem.” This time I snapped: “Just come in, I’m the one who asked you, no one is allowed to be discriminative in here!” Yeah, I said that right to the Shrek’s face. He was really displeased that he didn’t talked much even after he’s done I immediately sent him out without offering him another beverage. Who cares, who wants lunatics swarming around?

Around a week later we sent granny to the hospital and found out that out there, a few rooms aside in the same corridor lies that looney woman, suddenly had stroke. What an interesting coincidence, I wonder if she, and especially her husband will had an epiphany of all their doings after this. Enlightenment, maybe? Oh nevermind, the possibility is just the same with a vegetarian cat. I’m just being sarcastic in their way.


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