one last chance


Just came back from a short visit to Jakarta for applying my VISA. Managed to meet a few friends though couldn’t manage to see the three persons I’d like to see the most. But around the end of July I’ll be back again. Still for VISA. I wish the application won’t took too long, my professor was surprised of the new complicated VISA application system so he offered his help if I happen to find any trouble. He’s such a nice person. We talked quite a lot at our dinner, during his visit to Jogja last month. I feel lucky that I’m always fond of my professors. I remember how much I adored Prof. Lo, during my study in Taipei. I hope my new supervisor in TU Ilmenau will be nice too (I think so though, judging from his emails.)

I keep wondering of a few things I can’t really tell. My next visit to Jakarta will be a hello goodbye. There are still some names I’d really like to meet. So many persons, so little time. I hope they could all be squished into my short schedule. I’m leaving soon to Ilmenau, excited and anxious at the same time. Wish me luck.


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