thinking how to think

I am currently trying to pledge a new understanding upon my way of thinking. I need a breakthrough. Selecting and cutting of essential pieces from swarming information is not as easy as what Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink. Slice judgement is also the matter of the mindset. It’s not that easy to maintain and upgrade such thing. 

The book I’m reading reminds me of that. I’m reading about VR (Visual Reality). In fast forward mode, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m also trying to gain more knowledge for the base of understanding 3D movie. But it didn’t came to my epiphany that by doing so, I would also have to understand the basic principal of tanagra theatre, or even further, Alberti’s window (in this case, in Cartesian point of view). This reminds me to my third semester when I learn that trains essentially change human’s food distribution because villagers had to manage their harvest time based on the train schedule, when do the train passes their city. 

This is a little reminder, that I should always try to expand my mindset. 


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