(not) a secret passion

left to right: homemade pizza, baked potato with bechamel sauce, beef doria

I kinda had a thing for kitchen activity. Cooking is not something new to me, though obviously I am no chef. I am moving out from my house in less than a week, and cooking makes me feel at ease. 


the thoughts of beauty

A few days ago when I was trying to search reference on beauty philosophy for my Fantasy & Science Fiction class, I stumble upon this article HERE. The article explains very clearly on how to define beauty and how it stands in the world of subjectivity and objectivity (in Descartes terms). It also slightly points out, why people nowadays who had physical beauty as their first priority is in some sense, cracked head. As it is said in the article, that beauty is most likely “a secondary quality, mind-independent, but intersubjective.”

There are also some questions of beauty regarding preferences and taste in this article, for instance why someone likes red while another person likes green. I know someone who’s father likes biking and the son has the same hobby, though he probably didn’t know that, since his father passed away when he was very young, and at that time his father already quit his hobby. My sisters and I like the same color. Thus I could infer that this case most likely resonates with the possibility that our senses are very related with genetic factor, childhood and the surroundings (objects, people, etc). Though the main topic is beauty in the sense of the original, the beauty itself, but to answer the question why beauty is also about taste and preference, then in some sense the context of beauty has shift a little bit, especially because the perception of beauty in this matter is also influenced by the factor of cultural and clinical mold.

Nevertheless, if it’s in sense of art, the word beauty somehow should be redefined, since I personally think art has a different context of beauty, especially for the sole reason that this beauty is man-made. Moreover, if you refer to the article, art objects are existence with objective reality, but doesn’t possess formal (subjective) reality. Overall, by scrutinizing this article and the comments you may also notice that in terms of debating some ideas, double-checking the context of the arguments is essential if you don’t want it to be out of place.

random quiz

I am currently very bored while doing a pile of work, so I filled out these random questions because it’s no use to curse my ADD. You are welcome to do the same if you want.

  • What do you expect from your life? do the best, achieve the best. 
  • Which traits do you consider to be the most important for a man to have? intelligence, manner, passion. 
  • What was the happiest moment of your life? living in Taipei.
  • How would you described yourself in one word? INTJ
  • What are your hobbies? reading, dancing, cooking, crafting, etc. 
  • Which is one of your habits that you are most proud of? putting a high standard
  • Is there anything that you would not share with anybody? a lot
  • Do you like to read? If so, what types of books do you prefer reading? wide range: from textbooks to comics. 
  • Which habit do you want to give up? peeling the side of my thumb nail. 
  • Did you enjoy your college years? yes!
  • Do you like to dance? yes, I do Bali and belly dance.
  • What is your zodiac sign? pisces
  • Do you regret any action of yours from the past? yes, but it’s no use.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? not really
  • Is it easy for you to forgive? not really
  • Describe your idea of a perfect vacation? beautiful landscapes + crazy things
  • Which place do you prefer the most in your house? kitchen, working room
  • Which is the most important ingredient of a successful relationship? trust
  • Do you believe in God? no
  • Given a chance, which things would you like to change from your past? 30.05.08
  • Which kind/type of music do you like? from Lionel Richie to Pitbull
  • What do you think is your most important strength? mind
  • Do you get along with your parents and other family members? yes and no
  • What are your favorite hangouts? depends on the mood. from the park to the club. 
  • What do you give more importance to while taking a decision, logic or intuition? both
  • How important is money for you in life? judge by my career choice.
  • Do you think you are an emotional person? yes, because I have a list of things that could pissed me off instantly, but no because my F in my MBTI test is only 12%
  • Do you have a dream in your life? What? contributing in education for the society: lecturing, doing things, write an academic journal. 
  • What your favorite sports activity? dancing is my sport.
  • Do you follow a set/specific daily routine? sort of
  • Are you a religious/spiritual person? no
  • Do you enjoy the activity of cooking? yes
  • Do you have any role model in your life? no
  • What is your favorite food? lasagna, salmon sushi, green tea ice cream, custard pudding. 
  • What is your opinion about one-night stands? not taboo, just not my style.
  • Is there someone you’d like to date? maybe. I don’t reserve seats.
  • Which advise do you think was the best that you have received? if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.
  • Would you forgive the boy who cheats on you? yes and no
  • What is the best compliment that you have received? standing applause from my professor and the whole class after my final exam paper presentation. 
  • What is your favorite drink? liquors. apple martini, so far.
  • Which colors amongst these, black/white would you go with? black
  • Are you a shopaholic? not really. 
  • What is the most expensive gift you ever received? a diamond pendant.
  • Which was the dumbest purchase that you ever made? shirts in the wrong size.
  • How important is marriage for you? none at all. 
  • Do you think virtual social networking is a need of time? it’s only an easy way to stay in touch with my old friends abroad, so…yes and no. 
  • Do you have a picture about the dream home in your mind? yes for sure.