Last Things I’ve Done in 2012

It’s been awhile since I write here. It’s mostly because I’m quite busy with my new life as a master student in Germany. Well, anyway….Here goes.

1. Last Presentation in class (a.k.a articulating crazy ideas)

The what-so-called attempt was playing a Donald Duck video, Der Fuehrer’s Face to explain the difference between United States and EU’s public diplomacy. FYI this movie was made as a request from the American government, and was released in 1943 in the mid of Cold War. Also, after the Cold War Europe collapsed and the power shifted to the States. Afterwards the EU was established and in order to recover (lots of young people died-elderly overpopulation means healthcare support and pension, devastated land means agriculture boost and economic loss means trade). In order to accomplish these needs they need public diplomacy and EU adapted their diplomacy from US. So, well…you can see where the red line is.

2. Last Trip



After that exhausting presentation above, the next morning I packed my stuff and leave Ilmenau. I went to Amsterdam to visit my sister. Afterwards we went to France and Belgium. It was fun. Found lots of Indonesian and Chinese ingredients in Amsterdam, which makes me had one extra luggage to drag home.

3. Last Vandal


So I’ve been living in one floor with some super sloppy people and it’s gross. Exactly at the day I get my ass back to my flat, someone left quite a big sack of garbage in the bathroom, perhaps expecting the cleaning service lady to remove it for her…but she didn’t (I won’t either if I were her). So I put a note there.

4. Last Dinner



Had some meal with my friends, each of them made a dish from their country (Zanzibar and Greece). It was awesomely delicious. Too bad the other three weren’t home yet.

So…in the end I just want to say: mom, although I didn’t went to the Church to confess my sins (as you always asked me to-which I ignored), but there you go, I told you one of my vandal act and I promise to do more this year. Pretty promise.


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