baffling things and things that I will have to write

Nearly a year has passed by since I live here in Germany. I start to think over everything that I expect and the things that I encounter. Unfortunately I have to admit that I always put high standards for everything, and now, it fires back on me.

When I came I expect a highly competing situation full of brainiacs. Both my Greek best friend and I thought the same, its gonna be so tough that probably we will have to study so hard not to be the dumbest in class. But now what I saw is research group system – which is actually great, don’t take me wrong- but contrariwise its also a great access for freeloaders. Suddenly I really appreciate my favorite lecturer during my bachelor study – the one that other students always say the killer one- but he is actually very nice. And very fair. Because just because you work in one group doesn’t mean you got the same grade. So I text him and told him what was going on – why I suddenly really appreciate what he did- and he told me: ‘”Of course I remember you, I always believe that you can do your best and you will do great. You always are a distinctive student which I rarely found.” I never expect to hear such word but it gives me courage.

Now that I will have to write four research paper, finish my anpassungstudiumarbeit, then think about a topic for my thesis because I just finished all my courses – I will need tons of self-encouragement…and loads of coffee. All I need to do is ignore the things about these oblivious idiots who always thinks they’re the best and so busy projecting themselves everywhere, while they’re obviously studying self-serving attribution. It’s too baffling that I don’t wanna think about it anymore, all I need to do is focus on what I have to do.

PS. Still working on my plush toys-making some for sale. hope I can manage my time better. will talk about my paperwork some other time.


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