The Perspective about Struggle

Frankly, I’ve been tickled by all of the inspiring articles that wrote about the struggle of life, in specific about study. They’re all generally good, some are even exceptional and you can feel the passion just by reading it. But that’s not the point. What’s been bugging me was, nearly all of them who gained interest or support are those who struggle under economic pressure. As a matter of fact, its not that I’m discharging this perspective, I was just proposing that in some cases it might be different.

For instance, my dad. Most people used to think he made it on his highway, no matter what obstacles he had, because he’s really smart. This is one glitch, that proves people only think what they want to think. In fact, my dad started off as a poor farmer’s son. My grandfather has seven other children, and it was really hard for him to afford a living. My dad spent his childhood as a shepherd for his neighbor’s cattle to earn extra income. Though the passion of studying was with him ever since he was even younger. He couldn’t really afford his tuition fees during college, but his academic records earns him a scholarship. But that wasn’t the end, of course. He lived in a small village which is 30 minutes drive from the university where he was studying, and he couldn’t afford either renting a room in the town, nor the daily transportation. So what he did was, working part time for another neighbor who has a mini-bus to get free transportation. In return, he had to work for it after class as a kenek (the person who collects money in Indonesian public transport). For me, it’s a different matter. People used to think I started off good, with a better English than my peers, or because both my parents were lecturers so its impossible to have financial difficulties.

For quite a long period of time, it was totally wrong. When I was 2 years old we only could afford to rent a small house, and we have absolutely no furniture. No sofa, no tables, nothing. When I was in the first grade, I had to make small dolls in order to earn myself my pocket money – well that’s how I start learning how to sew. About my English? People think I had it easy, since I spent a part of my childhood in Canada, living there all for granted because my dad earned his scholarship for master degree there. How if I put it like this, you think you study hard because you had to learn it when you grow up, but I had to learn it since I’m three years old. When you’re busy playing with your siblings or your friends, I spent my extra time at home learning English with my mom. At day care, I also learn with my teachers. When I grew up, I had problems applying scholarship because when they knew my parents are both lecturers, they said I’m not poor enough. Lots of scholarships requires a paper that states your financial problems. You see, everything is just a matter of perspective and that’s how I believe it is.


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