Change the World

It was a great honor to be a volunteer in an international crisis communication conference that aid a little strength toward the success of this event. Beforehand, I also had the chance to met famous and great scholars in this field, such as Timothy Coombs, Sherry Holladay, Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen. They’re all great people, only in three days of the workshop (pre-conference) I’ve learn quite a lot. However, it made me realize how much I’m lacking, how much I need to learn if I still want to change the world with my ideas. Little by little, a huge dreams will start to bear fruit if I can just keep up and try not to give up.

I’ve never been feel so honored like when Glen Cameron suddenly greet me and offer me a PhD in Missouri University, the best journalism school. Though I do sense the role of luck, because Prof. Martin keep telling people around in the venue that he’d known me for years, and that I’m a very smart student. You might think that it sounds like I’m just boasting, but what I felt is rather contrariwise. When people starts to acknowledge me, and I know how much I’m lacking, it loads me some pressure. A pressure that I really have to work harder, in order to prove myself that I deserve this. The time comes right, now that I’m gonna start my thesis soon. But before, the extra 10 credits comes first. I have to work hard in order to get one semester cut off.

As years went by, my dream has always been the same. I saw people’s life change, because of education. I love studying, and will always do. I want to change the world with my mind. I’d like to write journals and textbooks. Perhaps, this is why I always love the soundtrack of my favorite anime, Inuyasha: Change the World.