What Chinese People Would Probably Say to German Vendors

Before you read this please note that I’m a half Chinese who currently live in Germany, so I only write this subjectively to my experience. No hard feelings whatsoever.

1. in Germany, ALL stores are closed in Sunday, even groceries, supermarket, restaurants or drugstores (except those who are probably not German or decided to open). Chinese people would say, especially groceries and supermarket are places that someone would suddenly want to visit when they remember they need something – because these shops sell daily needs. As a vendor you should be standby for your customers. Its the same for restaurants. In the end the Chinese would say: you could loose your fortune.

2. Germans said its rude to come to a store when its like 5 minutes before its closed. Chinese people would say, even if you’re closed already and you see someone running into your shop with a shopping list, you should serve them because that’s a fortune for you and you should be grateful. Rejecting fortune and disappointing customer beyond any reason is stupid. It could cost you your fortune.

3. Its common for offices and even shops in Germany to have an irregular opening hours, even in weekdays. They could open from 9 am to 3 pm today but from 8 am to 12 pm tomorrow. Chinese people would say, its preposterous to trouble your customer with such thing. It will make them feel uneasy and troubled. They are customers, they bring you fortune and they are supposed to be able to know for sure when they could come. They probably won’t bother memorizing your silly opening hours, then it means they probably won’t use your services anymore because your opening hour is too troublesome. They will go to your competitor (in this case, most likely immigrant vendors). You will loose your fortune.

4. The shops, restaurants, etc normally closes earlier in Friday (and or) Saturday. Chinese people would say: that’s the day people want to gather with friends/family after they’re off work/school. Its a peak time, its a good chance to earn your fortune. Closing early means loosing the fortune you’re suppose to earn.

5. Some German vendors doesn’t really like being visited by auslaender (so to say, foreigner). They just don’t like them, thus they don’t give friendly services. Chinese people would say, you should be friendly to ALL of your customers. If they are from somewhere nearby, they will bring their friends and relatives to come with them, thus more fortune for you. If they are from abroad and you give good services, they will recommend your services/shop to other people who want to visit the country/city where you live. You are throwing away your fortune.

6. Next pinpoint from no.5. Generally, German vendors doesn’t like speaking English. So when there are some tourist who came asking for something in English, they will give you a clinching look. They think if you come to Germany then you should speak German. Chinese people would say, if you know foreigners would visit your shop, then YOU should learn to speak English instead of vice versa. Or if you already speak English, get used to it. Deal with it, that’s how you earn your fortune. Being prideful beyond any reason in this case means loosing your fortune.

7. When you come to a German vendor and you don’t find something you were looking for, then its your problem. Chinese vendors would note if this happens continuously, and consider if they should provide them (if its visible they will certainly do so) – instead of ignoring it – because it probably means you’re wasting a chance to get a fortune.

8. Don’t be so happy when you enter a restaurant at 11 pm when it closes at 12. The last order might be taken at 10.30, so practically you can only order ready to serve drinks like Coke. Contrariwise, the Chinese normally takes ANY last orders, if its a home-owned. Franchised ones would normally take last orders up to 30 minutes before closing. Chinese people has no words for the German vendors.

will be adding more once I found something else 😀 but I think what I’ve written so far is quite enough to give you the picture, that German vendors aren’t the best businessman in they eyes of the Chinese.


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