Social Media Toxic

At first, facebook was created to connect people merely in one university before it became so popular. The point is, it was created to connect people. Now its merely a public display. More like fake display of people’s life though. People who want to seem like they have a perfect life, or that they’re a perfect person. I think those who act like that are actually not even close to what they display. People who are truly happy with themselves doesn’t need to display anything. People who truly have the purpose for charity doesn’t need to air where they are or what they are doing so they seem noble. People who really are able to accept themselves for who they are doesn’t need to take thousands of selfies and upload them to gain compliment.

Since when do people need to prove themselves with branded stuffs? Its not about whether you can afford it or not. If I would only use my parent’s money, I can afford it. I never really care of having tons of make ups, branded bags or shoes. Why? Because I simply think I don’t need them. I enjoy jewelry but I don’t buy branded ones, and I guess I never really bought something overly expensive other than that. Most of my jewelry are also actually gifts, I normally just buy the affordable ones and I don’t wear the expensive ones daily except my necklace because its a gift from my grandfather who already passed away. Why? because I don’t need to. I make plush toys and sell them although I actually don’t need to because I have more than enough funds from my parents to keep me alive for my master degree. But I love making plush toys, so I keep doing it. It also helps me to pay my bills, so someday when I earn enough money I can give my parents their money back, although they never ask for it and they obviously don’t need them back. Simply just because I want to. I don’t need to make up reasons to make myself look good like: because I have dignity, because I am a responsible person or so on. You don’t need reasons to do what you please, or what makes you happy. You also don’t need expensive stuffs to decorate yourselves to make you happy. I don’t understand people, and don’t think I need to understand because its wasting my time.