9th of July is drawing nearer. Perhaps for you who are part of the rest of the world, this date doesn’t have a special meaning. Perhaps it doesn’t matter at all. 4th of July perhaps, matters much more to the Americans. But for us Indonesians, every one of us is holding their breath, waiting impatiently to witness the turn of history. We are a proud nation. We are a maritime country who cherish pluralism. We are also the people who are currently fighting to take back what’s ours. We are fighting for equality among us. But all this struggle will either perish or be nurtured, everything will be up to the result of what become in 9th of July. Quoting Franz Magnis Suseno: “Election is not about choosing the best, but to prevent the worst (person) into power.”

There stands two men head to head for the first place of the nation. One with ambition of power and one with ambition of change. However, all of us already feel the change. Years ago, every five years of election nobody is willing to state their political choices. It all stays in the domestic public rooms, in whispers. Now every one is standing for their choice, stating who is the man they trust to lead Indonesia. Though in some ways I felt ignorance, of people who believe in rumors, people who merely make statements in social media without further investigations, people who blatantly swear at others who are struggling and dedicating their lives for this country for their sake. And yet…I am no different.

I never speak of it much because I thought people already talk about it everywhere. Contrariwise I do have the passion to see how things would turn out for my beloved country. I was yet to consider how would I actually contribute by voting. I live in Germany now and perhaps, it slipped off my mind.  I have yet to receive a letter to vote and I haven’t done much about it. I have never felt so ignorant my whole life. Today, finally I will get the papers sent. I hope it’s not too late. Jokowi for Indonesia.


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