Dear Mr. Jokowi, You Were Right

I was thinking about what this word actually meant when Mr. Jokowi, our beloved soon-to be President talks about it a lot. I mean, in a specific way. It sure should have much more meaning than it was explained in the presidential debate’s short speech. Lately. his opponent Mr. Prabowo was causing such a ruckus, especially when the official announcement is drawing nearer. When I open my facebook, phone messages and everything else I found high frequency of people making fun of Mr. Prabowo. Let me say this straight first. I am never a supporter of Mr. Prabowo, but I think this phenomenon of making fun of him in social media used by Indonesians especially twitter in facebook means something else.

Today 8 pm Indonesian Western time (WIB)  is the official announcement of the elected president. Mr Jokowi is president!! Mr. Prabowo, who previously requested a recount and has declared that he wish to forfeit is being a huge topic in a humiliating way, even in foreign official media. Now back to the huge talk in social media, logically the one who would participate in this cyber mocking is Mr. Jokowi’s supporters, or perhaps including those who previously support Mr. Prabowo. The tagline of Mr. Jokowi’s supporters are “I stand on the right side”. Now before I say my thoughts I’ll be honest first that although I support Mr. Jokowi I couldn’t vote because I waited for the invitation letter that never came, then when I sent an email the info I got stated that I need to go to Berlin and see if there’s some voting papers left but they’re not sure about it. I couldn’t gamble for it since it costs so much to go to Berlin and currently I really have to save my funds. Maybe you can say I have no rights to say anything because I didn’t vote, or that I want to switch to German citizenship or whatever but the truth is I do have concern about my home country but sometimes I don’t understand how the people think. Why would you think I would keep following all the updates if I don’t care? Well, its a free country isn’t it? So I can say my word.

Kita ini orang Indonesia memang nyinyir (we Indonesians are nyinyir– it means to like to talk too much about something that perhaps is not even meaningful at all). Why are we spending so much energy making fun of Mr. Prabowo, some are even so excessive its sickening. The margin between the two candidate’s final result is thin. It means, if you think you’re who “stand on the right side” then there are almost as much as you who “stand on the wrong side”. And what is so great about that? I understand why people is making fun of Mr. Prabowo, its not like I have sympathy for him but is this really still about the election? If  Mr. Jokowi’s supporters are so focused on mocking, and forgot that whatever problems are left behind by Mr.Prabowo and his people, isn’t that just adding Mr. Jokowi’s work? If people are so fixated about feeling accomplished by being “on the right side” that while forgetting that there are so much people “on the wrong side”, what is what you called right at all?  I thought election is about choosing someone to take our country to a better future. Or like Rm. Magnis said “to prevent the worst on power”. Then if so, its not about the election anymore, its not about making the “right” choice anymore, its definitely not about our beloved country, its about you isn’t it? You and your ego. Speaking of mental revolution, Mr. Jokowi…I think you will have a mountain of obstacles even with people whose on your side. So I wish you the best.


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