Moving West #1 Preparation

Wait, wow. I realized I really haven´t been writing anything this year! And its already end of May. Sorry for my absence. I´ve been really busy…and honestly a lot has been going on. So I´ve been receiving quite a lot of questions about moving to Germany, like what I did to prepare, my struggles, and so on. So I thought I would want to write each of these parts one by one.

Perhaps the most common thought of what I will write here is how awesome it feels to move from South East Asia to Europe. Wrong. Its about struggles and how much effort can one do in the process. Now I would say I haven´t  successfuly move here yet as I am still looking for a job (but I just got VISA extension for job hunt, yay!!). Nonetheless, here are some things you actually can do in advance before you depart. Continue reading