Venice (with budget and shopping tips)


Murano Island

Okay, first of all I need to set this straight that this method is only suggested if you are (especially) living in Europe, but it’s actually plausible to do it wherever you came from. However, the budget would rather be different because of your flight (and perhaps luggage) cost.

#1 Lodging

It´s a common knowledge that nearly everything in Venice is really expensive, and that includes the hotel. However turns out there is a cheaper alternative if you camp. Yes, camp. There is a camping ground called Realto Camp which is only 10 minutes away by bus from Venice. It´s actually quite an okay place, they have facilities such as electricity (you need to bring your own power plug though), bathroom, washing machine, etc. They also offer to rent you ready built tents or small bungalows in case you´re from outside Europe and mind the weight of tent equipment luggage. However, if you travel by car like me do mind that they charge extra for car parking, which is around 5 euros per day. It’s an okay price I would say, since hotels and hostels charge at least twice that price.

#2 Transportation

Their location is pretty good, the bus stop to Venice is only across the street. You can purchase the ticket in the receptionist for 1,5 euro each person each way. On the way back you can just use the daily ticket you bought for the ferries (its applicable for all public transportation), so no need to worry. The camping ground is also really near to a small supermarket, so you don´t need to worry about starving or having to eat in a ripoff restaurant. The camping ground itself also has a small cafetaria (which is not overpriced) and a small mini market as well. If you prefer, you can also try the shared water taxi  but I´m not sure how much it would cost since I only took the regular ferry.

#3 Suggested Spots


Glass Sculpture in Murano

The Venice mainland itself, which is the starting spot where you ride ferries doesn´t have much to offer so it’s better not to waste too much time there. There are way too much stops you can visit in a day, so if you´re only there for a day like most of the tourists there I would say your first stop just has to be Murano. Upon arrival in Murano, go left after the ferry stop, then straight over the bridge to see the free exhibition of the murano glass workshop. The whole island itself is literally full of glass shops so take your time while shopping.


The Venetian Cemetery


The glass workshop exhibition

Other places that are famous are the Realto bridge which is in another stop (I think its in Piazza San Marco), but if you did went to Murano first I´d suggest you to visit the cemetery next before others. I know cemetery doesn´t sound so exciting but trust me, after you go in you will change your mind. After that you can visit other spots as you prefer, such as the museum in the stop called Academia. I did not visit all stops because its impossible to do it in one day so I just visit few places that I really wanted to see. My tip is the beach which is in Lido (that´s the ferry stop name) should be visited last.


San Marco

#4 Logistics

Always bring water with you, at the very least one litre per person. Do  not expect to buy drink there if you don´t want to drain your pocket, because for instance a small bottle of 250 ml cola costs like 5 euro. It’s common knowledge that prices in famous tourism place never makes much sense. If turns out you need more water, there are water fountains where you can drink. When you visit Murano or other spots that you think has quite more fountains, refill your water bottle because not all islands has much fountains, if any. The plaza in San Marco, for instance I think only has one (maybe one or two more but then that means they´re really further apart from each other).

If possible, you can also bring your own lunch to tighten your budget. I brought bread and sausages from the nearby supermarket so I didn´t have to eat there. I did, in the end tried one restaurant in Lido and it wasn´t pleasant. It’s not very expensive but the taste does not equal the cost, and the service is terrible. Everywhere I go, it’s normally possible to order children portion (in this case because I don´t eat much, not because of saving budget) but in the place where I dined, the waiter said it´s ímpossible´ so I had to eat a little more than a half of my lasagna and stuffed the rest to my boyfriend.

#5 Murano Glass Shopping Tips

Plan well of what kind of souvenir you would like to buy. Prices from one shop to one another could highly vary though perhaps you won´t see the difference in between the goods. In the picture below you can see a few different type of the most popular (and affordable) souvenir from Murano.


Types of Murano Beads

The colorful one on the paper weight is the most common one, I keep it in its original state as comparison to the other two which I already altered. I have a metal allergy (except gold, silver and titanium) which is (unfortunately) why I have to remove the dividers because I believe they are brass. Another reason is the sizes are fairly large, which became giant size for me because I have toddler size wrist.

Okay, so if you would like to purchase some murano beads accessories I´ll let you know that the bracelet on the paper weight pictured above is the most common type of bracelet you will find in any shop in Murano, although they are normally available in one color instead of multiple like mine. The blue one is the second most common, however I didn´t find much of them in shops when I went there. This one is actually a gift from my boyfriend´s parents so I´m positive they are actually bought in Germany. I would say the rainbow one is not a very common type (which is why I bought it) because I did not see them much in shops (I entered most shops in Murano) and they seem quite rare to find, at least by the time I was there.

So if you would like to buy a bracelet I would suggest that you buy it from the shop in the alley near the glass workshop exhibition shop over the bridge. Please note that it´s not the same shop where you had the exhibition, that one is quite expensive. The shop is located in the really small alley, after the bridge before the workshop if you go there from the ferry stop. There are two shops on each left and right sides, doesn´t matter which one. The prices for bracelets and necklaces are cheaper than in the main roads, and so are other stuffs. However, some stuffs like paper weight would cost around the same price.

My tip is, if you have a small wrist like me, its better to buy a necklace and use it to make two bracelets. if the beads are a little too less, add a small divider bead which you can find in any local craft store. It will look like my blue murano bracelet in the picture. This way you can get two bracelet with a cheaper price, because the price of a necklace is 8 euros there. So in the end you get it for 4 euros each, in comparison of buying the bracelet which is at least 5 euros each. Maybe the difference in price doesn´t sound significant, but it is for me in other aspect. The regular size of bracelets are way too big for me, and this way I can adjust the length. Plus, this way you can wear it daily without worry because the fibers from the string will get thin and the brass dividers will rust quite fast. This way, I can say that it will also last longer.

Okay, so that´s about all I can say for now. If you have more info, comments do let me know so I notice what I can add or fix. I´ll try to be more active in writing from now on. See ya!


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