Moving West: January Thoughts

I know I have sworn to write more actively last year, which I have failed…miserably. WordPress annual report has showed me that I have barely made through last year with three post, despite the traffic. Also I couldn’t say that the traffic is a good reflection in this point of view, since most of them came from my older posts.

Anyway, here we go. As you all  know, I have finally graduated my master degree and yet, as year changed I am still in the same spot looking for a chance to start a career. I have been accepted once, then canceled just two weeks later saying that they are moving their base to Singapore so this position is not needed anymore. Second time is not a charm, I have been invited to an interview in Berlin which I thought went very well despite all the time rearrangements since my bus was very very late and I actually had to travel early in the morning in the exact same day where I was supposed to travel for holiday with my boyfriend’s family to Denmark. The interviewer said I sound like I know what I’m doing, told me a lot of things about the company and its future plans, and even kinda told me he likes my determination. And then what? Poof. Nothing. No news, no rejection, no ´sorry we found someone more suitable´, nothing. It was October and this is freaking January. Continue reading