Moving West: Budget (Outfit) Tips to Survive the Cold German Winter

In my other blog, I have posted on how to make your own winter hat despite the yarn and needle size. My yarns were scraped through a sale bin out of the little wool shop in a corner of a town located at the end of the world (Ilmenau). The knitting needle was borrowed. Yep, it can’t get any more low budgety as it already is. But you know, making handmade winter outfit out of scrap sale items ain’t the only way to survive winter. So this is what I have gathered throughout this winter:

  1. Wear Merino Wool Underwear

I have learned from the hikers (aka my boyfriend’s family) that wearing merino wool underwear keeps you warmer more effectively than wearing a shit ton of sweaters because you have something warm directly to your skin. Judging by the fact that their favorite place to hike is Iceland, I give this one a legit point. The problem is, the easiest way to purchase them is in the outdoor stuff shop where its available for a really, really expensive price that a piece of it could be exchanged with a nice pair of leather shoes. But wait, there is a way to get it for an affordable price.

Aldi, one of the German supermarket chain has this for sale once every mid-winter. The problem is there is no certain way to  know exactly when. You have to go check their fliers weekly, because it will be on sale for one day only and the items will be gone within an hour or two. So yes, when you do know when – quoting my boyfriend’s mom – you should stand in front of the door at the opening time. But it’s worth it. Instead of a ripping off price of over 60 euros a piece, I got mine for only 16 instead. If you are a small person like me, rejoice because smaller sizes tends to sell out less faster than the bigger sizes.  Continue reading