False Invesment

In this digital era nowadays, our life is basically made up of many datas. The oatmeal we eat everyday is made from a well researched and tested grains, our lunch is the menu-of the-day from that daily down the road which is their simplified statistics saying that it’s “the customer’s favorite”, and that cute kitten post we liked earlier on instagram used those particular hashtags on different languages in order to reach a wider – yet more specific audience.

Basically I would assume all that requires time and effort is an investment, it doesn’t necessarily require budget or a third party employment. Maybe I’m not exactly a marketing expert now according to my own standards, but someday I will be. Now that is an investment. I have decided alongside the time I would learn more about marketing, despite what kind of career I would later ended up with.

However, I actually have dived in marketing field before I even knew it. As a child I was born from a merchant family, from my Chinese side of the family, so I ended up learning about my grandpa’s business – which is nearly every field you can imagine of- that he built from scratch. Those – and of course some child in the jungle kind of bedtime story. I started to study at a relatively young age due to the circumstances (I moved to Canada when I was three) and since I had to learn quite a lot for a toddler it has somehow became a habit. As an adult I juggled many project often related to marketing field, sometimes employed by my own mother as well (she is a marketing/business scholar) while here and there learning about finance from my father who is a finance scholar and an advisor for BI (Bank of Indonesia). Continue reading