Dear Mr. Jokowi, You Were Right

I was thinking about what this word actually meant when Mr. Jokowi, our beloved soon-to be President talks about it a lot. I mean, in a specific way. It sure should have much more meaning than it was explained in the presidential debate’s short speech. Lately. his opponent Mr. Prabowo was causing such a ruckus, especially when the official announcement is drawing nearer. When I open my facebook, phone messages and everything else I found high frequency of people making fun of Mr. Prabowo. Let me say this straight first. I am never a supporter of Mr. Prabowo, but I think this phenomenon of making fun of him in social media used by Indonesians especially twitter in facebook means something else.

Today 8 pm Indonesian Western time (WIB)  is the official announcement of the elected president. Mr Jokowi is president!! Mr. Prabowo, who previously requested a recount and has declared that he wish to forfeit is being a huge topic in a humiliating way, even in foreign official media. Now back to the huge talk in social media, logically the one who would participate in this cyber mocking is Mr. Jokowi’s supporters, or perhaps including those who previously support Mr. Prabowo. The tagline of Mr. Jokowi’s supporters are “I stand on the right side”. Now before I say my thoughts I’ll be honest first that although I support Mr. Jokowi I couldn’t vote because I waited for the invitation letter that never came, then when I sent an email the info I got stated that I need to go to Berlin and see if there’s some voting papers left but they’re not sure about it. I couldn’t gamble for it since it costs so much to go to Berlin and currently I really have to save my funds. Maybe you can say I have no rights to say anything because I didn’t vote, or that I want to switch to German citizenship or whatever but the truth is I do have concern about my home country but sometimes I don’t understand how the people think. Why would you think I would keep following all the updates if I don’t care? Well, its a free country isn’t it? So I can say my word. Continue reading



9th of July is drawing nearer. Perhaps for you who are part of the rest of the world, this date doesn’t have a special meaning. Perhaps it doesn’t matter at all. 4th of July perhaps, matters much more to the Americans. But for us Indonesians, every one of us is holding their breath, waiting impatiently to witness the turn of history. We are a proud nation. We are a maritime country who cherish pluralism. We are also the people who are currently fighting to take back what’s ours. We are fighting for equality among us. But all this struggle will either perish or be nurtured, everything will be up to the result of what become in 9th of July. Quoting Franz Magnis Suseno: “Election is not about choosing the best, but to prevent the worst (person) into power.”

There stands two men head to head for the first place of the nation. One with ambition of power and one with ambition of change. However, all of us already feel the change. Years ago, every five years of election nobody is willing to state their political choices. It all stays in the domestic public rooms, in whispers. Now every one is standing for their choice, stating who is the man they trust to lead Indonesia. Though in some ways I felt ignorance, of people who believe in rumors, people who merely make statements in social media without further investigations, people who blatantly swear at others who are struggling and dedicating their lives for this country for their sake. And yet…I am no different.

I never speak of it much because I thought people already talk about it everywhere. Contrariwise I do have the passion to see how things would turn out for my beloved country. I was yet to consider how would I actually contribute by voting. I live in Germany now and perhaps, it slipped off my mind.  I have yet to receive a letter to vote and I haven’t done much about it. I have never felt so ignorant my whole life. Today, finally I will get the papers sent. I hope it’s not too late. Jokowi for Indonesia.

The Mafia in Education System

Do you know why I really want to study abroad? One of the major reason is, the education system here, and how the mafia run them. I’m not saying that I don’t love my country. I love my country, believe me I do. And no, don’t imagine a gangster killing people when I said mafia. What I mean is collusion and nepotism, and maybe corruption. Something happened recently in one of the big university in the town next to mine. What I read in the media is: a brave and simple protest action from five lecturers during an intern election. But what’s actually happening is…something more.
Generally speaking, in my opinion, in Indonesia every governmental institution is run by a mafia system, and that includes the education system. Perhaps even some non-government system is the same. In this state university I mentioned before, seems like rules are made as a tool for the superior. If it’s against your will, simply break it. And that just happened.
Mr. A is the clean man who had a great contribution toward one of the major doctorate program in the university. He is currently holding one of the essential leads in one of the faculty. Normally, one would hold this position in extend for 2-4 years. But since Mr. A is not one of the superior leagues, they only extend his position for a year and not re-extending it further. As usual, mafia members come first. Second, the university was having an election. This moment was held to vote for the vice deans position. Some members, including some seniors overview the candidates and found out that some are not eligible. But the leader insisted that they are, as some of them are his ally. This is how the mafia system works, from top to root, put your man in a crucial position. And third, these persons could make it to the position of vice dean candidates, because they were approved by the senate members. You know what I mean. Finally, five members of the senate walked out of the room during the election. Way to go. We need more of these kind of people.
This country is so proud for almost 66 years sovereignity, but the mindset of the people is still colonial. We are trapped in our very own mindset while thinking that we are actually freed. No, we’re not!! Education is one of the crucial root for a country, to improve the talents of human resources and develop the nation. That, includes the mindset of the people. Just simply imagine if even in such campus they were busy fighting for crumbs of power, how will they educate the youth? How, with such crumbled mindset, would they inspire their pupils? Those kind of people would normally be an authoritarian in their class, turning off the passion of the students. And I was almost, one of those students. I just didn’t lost my passion yet.
By the way, you can read the news HERE and HERE. The newspaper, despite of being wrote under the politics of whatsoever, uploaded the story. I’m just serving you the missing parts.

ILGA call paper

Hey folks. I’m (finally) back. Gotta tell you about this crap I made. My lecturer gave me a very good info about ILGA’s call paper. But she told me exactly AFTER the LAST DAY. I was confused (WTH??) I texted her, and she said: JUST DO IT.

Okay ma’am. So with my retarded self at the moment, I search infos, esp at (yeah I always do) and type for about 2 hours for 300 words abstract. Didn’t found an excellent idea, but the time ditched me. so here it is:

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Paradoks Homoseksual dalam Seksualitas Modern : Sebuah Perdebatan Feminis dan Promiskuitas Postfeminis

Norma adalah alat yang digunakan oknum mainstream, penguasa, untuk kepentingan-kepentingan yang menguntungkan pihaknya, menjustifikasi segala perbuatan yang mengakomodasi kepentingannya tersebut, terutama untuk mengabsolutkan kuasa. Foucoult bicara mengenai sejarah represi seksualitas pada zaman Victorian, dimana seksualitas dibungkam. Pada zaman itu seks hanya disahkan untuk berada dalam ranah keluarga, yaitu suami istri, dan hanya disakralkan pada kamar orang tua. Selebihnya adalah tabu. Berawal dari pandangan Foucoult tadi, kita perlu melihat bahwa sebenarnya segala norma yang diterapkan hanyalah sistem buatan manusia yang cacat namun diabsolutkan, kemudian digunakan untuk menata segala sistem struktur yang mengatur kehidupan manusia tapi ironisnya, menjadi tembok paling tebal untuk perkembangan mindset manusia itu sendiri. Pergerakan pemikiran yang bebas adalah pemikiran-pemikiran yang masih berada dalam batas tembok tebal yang membelenggu itu. Continue reading

Government Role in the Violation Rights of LGBT People in Southern Africa

Note: this paper is also published in my lecturer’s blog: Dina Listiorini

Generally people would acknowledge the violation of LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender) as merely a fault of stigma among the society. Other people would also claim about the role of media exposure. But the truth is, another culprit behind all that happened these years is the role of the government, altough, perhaps it is not as obvious as other catalyst. Or in a different perspective, we could also say that the government, as the third factor, is the one behind the scene of the other two factors. In the matter of fact, the
relations between the role of the governments in Southern Africa has
a strong red thread with the fact that most countries in Southern
Africa had just got their independency around the 1990s. But we must
also see, who was been actually blamed for the stigma of society and
the ‘entrance’ of LGBT people in southern Africa: the western
imperialism. Is the western imperialism really a significant factor
who contributed much for the LGBTs case, or is it just merely a
scapegoat? We will see on how this factor play in the history of
Southern Africa, and the relations with the bad track record of LGBT
rights. And then, finally we would be able to see how this issue
goes, starting from how the stigma shaped the paradigm of people in
countries of Southern Africa. Continue reading