New Hobby


Apparently, I’ve picked up a new hobby: taking dancing pictures and pictures in the garden. I haven’t take much of them but I might. I just hope I can get much more inspiration (and better ones of course) in the future 🙂


False Invesment

In this digital era nowadays, our life is basically made up of many datas. The oatmeal we eat everyday is made from a well researched and tested grains, our lunch is the menu-of the-day from that daily down the road which is their simplified statistics saying that it’s “the customer’s favorite”, and that cute kitten post we liked earlier on instagram used those particular hashtags on different languages in order to reach a wider – yet more specific audience.

Basically I would assume all that requires time and effort is an investment, it doesn’t necessarily require budget or a third party employment. Maybe I’m not exactly a marketing expert now according to my own standards, but someday I will be. Now that is an investment. I have decided alongside the time I would learn more about marketing, despite what kind of career I would later ended up with.

However, I actually have dived in marketing field before I even knew it. As a child I was born from a merchant family, from my Chinese side of the family, so I ended up learning about my grandpa’s business – which is nearly every field you can imagine of- that he built from scratch. Those – and of course some child in the jungle kind of bedtime story. I started to study at a relatively young age due to the circumstances (I moved to Canada when I was three) and since I had to learn quite a lot for a toddler it has somehow became a habit. As an adult I juggled many project often related to marketing field, sometimes employed by my own mother as well (she is a marketing/business scholar) while here and there learning about finance from my father who is a finance scholar and an advisor for BI (Bank of Indonesia). Continue reading

Forever Immigrant, Forever Minority

People say living abroad would change your perspective about the world. But you know what else does? Being a minority who lives abroad. I have practically been a minority my whole life. When I was three, I live in what I would call the only country (so far) that I would say is friendly to immigrants. Not a hard guess. Yes, its Canada. Going back to my home country, Indonesia, I am technically a minority once again because I lost the ability to speak my own mother tongue. As a child whose not even 100% Indonesian (my mother is Chinese) being able to only speak English was not exactly a nice thing. I don’t really have friends, also due to my indifferent personality, but I also couldn’t really take more English course because the only class that would suit my competence would be sitting with high schoolers and adults, which would be really awkward. I am however, still grateful that in the end I am able to have both as mother tongue.

I came from a family whose practically been immigrants nearly every generation since my great grandparents. My great grandparents ran from China due to political reasons, taking a raft to Indonesia, seeking for asylum. For the two first generations, it was rather simple. They live in the city where other Chinese asylum seekers live, and they started a small business to make a living. Difficulties started to arise when my mother, who is still a pure-blood Chinese wants to marry my father, who is a native (Javanese). Although in the end this particular case was resolved, but it doesn’t mean the problem just vanished especially if you reflect them from any other similar mixed blood families. For instance, looking back before my parents even met, my grandparents who are Confucionists had their children all convert to Catholic, but as most local schools are Moslem schools; since Indonesia is a Moslem-majority country (some people mistaken it as a Moslem country) most elementary and middle school in that area required the students to study Arabic.  Continue reading

Moving West #1 Preparation

Wait, wow. I realized I really haven´t been writing anything this year! And its already end of May. Sorry for my absence. I´ve been really busy…and honestly a lot has been going on. So I´ve been receiving quite a lot of questions about moving to Germany, like what I did to prepare, my struggles, and so on. So I thought I would want to write each of these parts one by one.

Perhaps the most common thought of what I will write here is how awesome it feels to move from South East Asia to Europe. Wrong. Its about struggles and how much effort can one do in the process. Now I would say I haven´t  successfuly move here yet as I am still looking for a job (but I just got VISA extension for job hunt, yay!!). Nonetheless, here are some things you actually can do in advance before you depart. Continue reading

Cool Things You Might Not Know About Indonesia

1. We have the best instant noodles in the world

No kidding. Google “the best instant noodle in the world”. ALL of the reviews you find will include our infamous noodle brand, Indomie and nearly all of them would place it on no.1. But that’s not the only delicious instant noodle we have! We have Sedaap, ABC and many other brand which is not heard abroad because its outshined by Indomie.

Just noodle is boring you say? Watch this:

2. Our president is a metal head

No kidding. His favorite? Metallica and Lamb of God. And DON”T compare him with Obama. Well, the phenomenon is quite similar indeed, that they’re both the symbol of hope for many people. People expect them to change the world. The huge difference lies in the actual governance work. Mr. Jokowi has high success already in governance, as he was major in Solo before he became Jakarta’s governor for around a year and a half. So let’s see how well this skinny – metal head guy would run as president.
3. We have a rare pink beach

photo credit: amrileader


Yep, seriously. If I’m not mistaken its located in Komodo island, where the real ancient dragons are. Literally.

Continue reading

Dear Mr. Jokowi, You Were Right

I was thinking about what this word actually meant when Mr. Jokowi, our beloved soon-to be President talks about it a lot. I mean, in a specific way. It sure should have much more meaning than it was explained in the presidential debate’s short speech. Lately. his opponent Mr. Prabowo was causing such a ruckus, especially when the official announcement is drawing nearer. When I open my facebook, phone messages and everything else I found high frequency of people making fun of Mr. Prabowo. Let me say this straight first. I am never a supporter of Mr. Prabowo, but I think this phenomenon of making fun of him in social media used by Indonesians especially twitter in facebook means something else.

Today 8 pm Indonesian Western time (WIB)  is the official announcement of the elected president. Mr Jokowi is president!! Mr. Prabowo, who previously requested a recount and has declared that he wish to forfeit is being a huge topic in a humiliating way, even in foreign official media. Now back to the huge talk in social media, logically the one who would participate in this cyber mocking is Mr. Jokowi’s supporters, or perhaps including those who previously support Mr. Prabowo. The tagline of Mr. Jokowi’s supporters are “I stand on the right side”. Now before I say my thoughts I’ll be honest first that although I support Mr. Jokowi I couldn’t vote because I waited for the invitation letter that never came, then when I sent an email the info I got stated that I need to go to Berlin and see if there’s some voting papers left but they’re not sure about it. I couldn’t gamble for it since it costs so much to go to Berlin and currently I really have to save my funds. Maybe you can say I have no rights to say anything because I didn’t vote, or that I want to switch to German citizenship or whatever but the truth is I do have concern about my home country but sometimes I don’t understand how the people think. Why would you think I would keep following all the updates if I don’t care? Well, its a free country isn’t it? So I can say my word. Continue reading


9th of July is drawing nearer. Perhaps for you who are part of the rest of the world, this date doesn’t have a special meaning. Perhaps it doesn’t matter at all. 4th of July perhaps, matters much more to the Americans. But for us Indonesians, every one of us is holding their breath, waiting impatiently to witness the turn of history. We are a proud nation. We are a maritime country who cherish pluralism. We are also the people who are currently fighting to take back what’s ours. We are fighting for equality among us. But all this struggle will either perish or be nurtured, everything will be up to the result of what become in 9th of July. Quoting Franz Magnis Suseno: “Election is not about choosing the best, but to prevent the worst (person) into power.”

There stands two men head to head for the first place of the nation. One with ambition of power and one with ambition of change. However, all of us already feel the change. Years ago, every five years of election nobody is willing to state their political choices. It all stays in the domestic public rooms, in whispers. Now every one is standing for their choice, stating who is the man they trust to lead Indonesia. Though in some ways I felt ignorance, of people who believe in rumors, people who merely make statements in social media without further investigations, people who blatantly swear at others who are struggling and dedicating their lives for this country for their sake. And yet…I am no different.

I never speak of it much because I thought people already talk about it everywhere. Contrariwise I do have the passion to see how things would turn out for my beloved country. I was yet to consider how would I actually contribute by voting. I live in Germany now and perhaps, it slipped off my mind.  I have yet to receive a letter to vote and I haven’t done much about it. I have never felt so ignorant my whole life. Today, finally I will get the papers sent. I hope it’s not too late. Jokowi for Indonesia.