lies are political

Sometimes people don’t know how to deal with the facts that the pleasant things they knew are man-made lies. Perhaps, the lies are not crafted by purpose, it could be leaded by false signs of human senses.

What I want to say is, Levinas is right, face is a political interface. The subconscious is indeed very strong, its one of the main drive in human mind. It influence our words, signs, language and in every way we communicate as social beings. They are all created for one sole purpose: “socializing”. On the other hand, anthropologically speaking, socializing in groups is a part of human survival. In the end, the hormones that control our feelings are driven by this ‘survival mode’ which could led to ‘false sign’. ‘Survival mode’, made us political being. Lies, are nevertheless, political.

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thinking how to think

I am currently trying to pledge a new understanding upon my way of thinking. I need a breakthrough. Selecting and cutting of essential pieces from swarming information is not as easy as what Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Blink. Slice judgement is also the matter of the mindset. It’s not that easy to maintain and upgrade such thing. 

The book I’m reading reminds me of that. I’m reading about VR (Visual Reality). In fast forward mode, it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m also trying to gain more knowledge for the base of understanding 3D movie. But it didn’t came to my epiphany that by doing so, I would also have to understand the basic principal of tanagra theatre, or even further, Alberti’s window (in this case, in Cartesian point of view). This reminds me to my third semester when I learn that trains essentially change human’s food distribution because villagers had to manage their harvest time based on the train schedule, when do the train passes their city. 

This is a little reminder, that I should always try to expand my mindset. 


Delusions and all it mights. What is actually the definition of delusions? Isn’t by labeling delusions easily to some stories regarded ridiculous, we are actually limiting our own mindset? What if we are the one who’s limiting ourself toward a further understanding of how the mindset works? Basicly I believe that all mindset are in some way twisted with their own typicalities.
Delusions are oftenly refered to manic bipolars and its symptoms. It also could work otherwise, as depression toward something. For instance, someone feel depressed because he believed that he was the one responsible for the death of many British people during the Gulf War (read Measuring Psychopathology by Anne Farmer). But somehow there lies the typicalities: pride of holding certain gift, talents, abilties, name it. Basicly it was only two distinguished branches that emerges from the very same root.
So isn’t the idea is somewhat categorizing by categorizing itself? Thus the limit of mindset is shrinked. Or perhaps I just need to do further reading before I reach any single premis or inference.




The Hallelujah thing

Today I went out with my best friend, and while sitting in her car I heard the song I used to know as an official soundtrack of my favorite movie: Hallelujah by Rufus Weinwright. She told me that the lyrics are unusually sensual since it used the word “Hallelujah” as a major plot.
As this is a soundtrack of a Disney cartoon, I wonder why this song was picked as one of the soundtrack? And it was played nearly the turning point, or you can say, a part of the McGuffin sequence. As far as I remember they didn’t changed the lyrics either. This kind of eroticism tickles my brain, as I recall what I found with Tinkerbell – related to Marilyn Monroe.
See, these are some of the lyrics:
Your faith was strong but you needed proof,
you saw her bathing on the roof,
her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to a kitchen chair,
she broke your throne, she cut your hair,
and from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

Oh yes, I’m curious with a lot of things. But I’m still having my ADD, so perhaps finishing the book I’m currently reading about Hitchcock and Lacan would be nice. I miss writing serious matters. I mean, I really want to write a little finding in a proper journal.

the power of distraction

Distraction, in some ways can be used as a method of focus-training. When the rhythm of brain absorbsion slow up, distraction might work to catalyze the mind (for example, when reading). Distraction might work to catalyze the mind, in order to tune back the rhythm. The difficult part is trying not to get over distracted, in this sense, ‘self-alarm’ is required. Why people generally don’t recognize this method, is probably because a mind block. ‘distraction’ is oftenly categorized as a ‘negative’ term (black box), thus the mindset separates the possibility between ‘good things’ (white or maybe, grey box) and ‘distraction’. Mindset blunder. This is the premis that I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope I have more time to figure it out. I need loads of epiphany.

the mindset blunder

The mindset blunder is a situation currently happening nowadays, whereas there are too much social crash phenomenon, fluctuative, fluid-field, therefore the state of mind is repressed. Invisible boundaries are then formed:

→ “those who could grasp more and held essential information about the eco – social phenomenon is the Master”

Which is of course, an idiotic foul. Thus the mindset is blundered, reduced, unconsciously, to an invisible limit that will cause a mental crash onward. And note that this is not a form of katharsis.

further note: this is my personal analysis, paralel example by observation in progress.

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Technology Reduces Human’s Intuition?

Have you ever wonder why intuitive people are very less populated nowadays? According to Myers Briggs scale, In (Intuitive) people only sum up to less than 2% from the whole population, where as only 1/3 of them are women (even generally they are more dominant).

Was it for example, handphone usage? We all know that before a wireless technology was even founded, human had the barrier to detect each other in separated space, and thus their natural instinct developed to sense another human’s existence, even aura, and reading the signs of nature. Ever since technology developed, human are attached with tools that creates an invisible link from one to another. Thus, a system within a society is also diasporing. This is noticeable, of course. But the thing that has been missed is the cutoff and the reducing needs of intuition. Since there is a tool that enable the communication linkage between human, intuition is much less needed than before. In my personal opinion we also need to note that the development of technology itself also slowly but sure develop a certain mindset within human’s brain: that is, the blunder of the term ‘logic’. Personally I think it’s really stupid to consider intuition as something irrational, judgemental, just because your capacity as a human to use your intuition is not the way it supposed to be anymore, like perhaps, a thousand years ago.

This is a long term process of course, but ever since the intuition is less needed, I would say the system goes similar as Darwin’s theory of evolution. The capability encrypted in the mental mindset had evoluted of course, not only the capacity of the brain and the shape of the body.  The thing is, it is not a positive landmark since it is reducing, and not developing. So in some sense, human capacity are developing in one term but going backward in other things. I would say this is one blind spot that crops as one blunder within the current mortals living these days. People keep saying intuition is this and that, it’s oftenly described as something abstract and irrational. But I believe there must be some way to describe it, even in human blunder mindset method, carved in whatsoever called ‘logic’. I need time to figure how to make this explanation. I guess I made too much notes already. Oh yes, tell me that again, I heard so much already about being ambitious.

So now, if you think your intuition is not working, blame it on your blackberry *evilsmirk*.