Further Note of Sexual Repression Analysis

Around three years ago I wrote about homosexual double repression hypothesis HERE. After I read what I wrote before, I had the intention to write the further hypothesis, hence I actually had the aim to elaborate the writing into one big picture. So this is just another further note of what I wrote before. I read several books and journals, it helped me a lot to capture the bigger frame of what is actually going on. In my previous work I wrote about homosexuality paradox in the modern era.
This post is functioned as a self note. I’m actually a little confused in what language I should write it down, since I wrote my previous work in Bahasa Indonesia (since it was due to personal class project submission – which has been commented by my lecturer as “too philosophical”) but it won’t stop me to write what I want anyway. To me philosophy is the basic thought to everything. Actually I suddenly had the idea of saving each of my writing under the same theme (yes, this one) to be gathered into one book. Very slow work I must say, since I just got the idea popped in mind, but well, better late then never.

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ILGA call paper

Hey folks. I’m (finally) back. Gotta tell you about this crap I made. My lecturer gave me a very good info about ILGA’s call paper. But she told me exactly AFTER the LAST DAY. I was confused (WTH??) I texted her, and she said: JUST DO IT.

Okay ma’am. So with my retarded self at the moment, I search infos, esp at hrw.org (yeah I always do) and type for about 2 hours for 300 words abstract. Didn’t found an excellent idea, but the time ditched me. so here it is:

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Government Role in the Violation Rights of LGBT People in Southern Africa

Note: this paper is also published in my lecturer’s blog: Dina Listiorini

Generally people would acknowledge the violation of LGBT (Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual and Transgender) as merely a fault of stigma among the society. Other people would also claim about the role of media exposure. But the truth is, another culprit behind all that happened these years is the role of the government, altough, perhaps it is not as obvious as other catalyst. Or in a different perspective, we could also say that the government, as the third factor, is the one behind the scene of the other two factors. In the matter of fact, the
relations between the role of the governments in Southern Africa has
a strong red thread with the fact that most countries in Southern
Africa had just got their independency around the 1990s. But we must
also see, who was been actually blamed for the stigma of society and
the ‘entrance’ of LGBT people in southern Africa: the western
imperialism. Is the western imperialism really a significant factor
who contributed much for the LGBTs case, or is it just merely a
scapegoat? We will see on how this factor play in the history of
Southern Africa, and the relations with the bad track record of LGBT
rights. And then, finally we would be able to see how this issue
goes, starting from how the stigma shaped the paradigm of people in
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