movie note: King’s Speech

Everyone knows that the King’s Speech is a splendid movie. But well, I say better not let the excitement blow your mind just like that, as there might be some things that can be noted as a semiotic reading. I’ll give one good sample I spotted, meanwhile I’ll try to memorize and note them down.

Again, minor scene but to me, it’s once again an essential soft encrypted message.

It is the scene where the Duke of York got the epiphany that was a turn to major change → when he starts to deal with his stammer. And that moment was done with a tool: an American-made silvertone.

Impressive, I must say. But well it’s better to note down other things that matter such as the producer, corporation, main actors, the true history behind it, etc. Complicated, entangled fun.

Movie analyzing is like flirting a hot geek. Enjoy it, see the details but don’t be too much carried away unless you’ll blow your mind :p

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