lies are political

Sometimes people don’t know how to deal with the facts that the pleasant things they knew are man-made lies. Perhaps, the lies are not crafted by purpose, it could be leaded by false signs of human senses.

What I want to say is, Levinas is right, face is a political interface. The subconscious is indeed very strong, its one of the main drive in human mind. It influence our words, signs, language and in every way we communicate as social beings. They are all created for one sole purpose: “socializing”. On the other hand, anthropologically speaking, socializing in groups is a part of human survival. In the end, the hormones that control our feelings are driven by this ‘survival mode’ which could led to ‘false sign’. ‘Survival mode’, made us political being. Lies, are nevertheless, political.

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Delusions and all it mights. What is actually the definition of delusions? Isn’t by labeling delusions easily to some stories regarded ridiculous, we are actually limiting our own mindset? What if we are the one who’s limiting ourself toward a further understanding of how the mindset works? Basicly I believe that all mindset are in some way twisted with their own typicalities.
Delusions are oftenly refered to manic bipolars and its symptoms. It also could work otherwise, as depression toward something. For instance, someone feel depressed because he believed that he was the one responsible for the death of many British people during the Gulf War (read Measuring Psychopathology by Anne Farmer). But somehow there lies the typicalities: pride of holding certain gift, talents, abilties, name it. Basicly it was only two distinguished branches that emerges from the very same root.
So isn’t the idea is somewhat categorizing by categorizing itself? Thus the limit of mindset is shrinked. Or perhaps I just need to do further reading before I reach any single premis or inference.




fill in the blank

What do you have in mind while you were filling a questionnaire, working on your test, filling a form? You might be filling in the blank. But have you ever questioned the term ‘filling the blank’? Well, at the moment, I do. Have you ever think is there any actual ‘fill in the blank’? Or, the real freedom to fill what you want above the dots?

We normally fill the conceptual ‘blank’ but not the literal ‘blank’. As in mindset we usually had it in mind a lot, but in some sense it’s not merely blank, it had the dots and the alphabets that you read ‘fill in the blank’. Next, we had the trigger or tendency, boxes, on what we want it to be filled. Like, when we asked something to someone, actually we are asking them to fill in the blank. But often, we had those criterias, tendencies, boxes, on what we want it to be filled. In the end, is there any real pure ‘fill in the blank’? Plato would just lightly say, it only exists in the world of ideas, perhaps.

It also probably shows that everything is political. Even filling the blanks in a form has it own norms and unwritten regulations. ‘Filling the blank’ is never that free, filling it and the prejudice/consequence afterwards are two different things, no? The tentacles of system that restrain what’s filled in the blank are political. It is hegemonicly arranged. So, mindsets are indeed arranged. And all the times we think that what meets the eye is just the social effect. But then, I believe it’s not. 

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why are you writing?

There are some things that keeps intriguing my mind. Why does someone write? Most people would dearly answer: ” To express my mind”, or ” To shout out to the world” (to me both basicly sounds the same). Or perhaps ” Because words are catalyst puzzle”. Whatever you may say, to me most people are not that humble to say so. Humble in the sense of, the one who’s answering at that moment was their conscious. But what about their unconscious? Just say, this is merely because I think the only part from human which is humble is the unconscious. But then, the unconscious itself could be manipulated.

One reason why I start quitting on twitter was that I think (say it, I judge. Yes I do) some people are just ego maniacs who used their twitter as a display to show off.  Sorry to say, but bluntly, that’s how I feel. And yes, you have the right to mirror back those words to me.

I found a few blogs that annoys me, for example. These people are those type who said that they wrote for the sake of molding out their ideas out of their head. But what do you think, when you read in the “About Me” section, they were , saying that ” I’m not going to write in the ‘about me’ section, you can guess about my age, school, what I’m like blahblahblah from my writing…so good luck.” or ” I won’t say I’m smart, but you can judge me from my writing…” That is TOTALLY SICK. First, doh…you DID just wrote the what so called “about me” section. Second, well if you’re trying to make someone else curious of you…do a proper writing with intriguing ideas, then someone will eventually be. Luring out such bait is somewhat idiot.

But then, if you tell this matter regarding the author, will they listen? Will they even realize that they are unconsciously doing this? My brain was catalyzed to read the journal “Measuring Psychopathology”. I need more reference about this. So for now, let’s redefine the word “humble”, shall we?

The Mafia in Education System

Do you know why I really want to study abroad? One of the major reason is, the education system here, and how the mafia run them. I’m not saying that I don’t love my country. I love my country, believe me I do. And no, don’t imagine a gangster killing people when I said mafia. What I mean is collusion and nepotism, and maybe corruption. Something happened recently in one of the big university in the town next to mine. What I read in the media is: a brave and simple protest action from five lecturers during an intern election. But what’s actually happening is…something more.
Generally speaking, in my opinion, in Indonesia every governmental institution is run by a mafia system, and that includes the education system. Perhaps even some non-government system is the same. In this state university I mentioned before, seems like rules are made as a tool for the superior. If it’s against your will, simply break it. And that just happened.
Mr. A is the clean man who had a great contribution toward one of the major doctorate program in the university. He is currently holding one of the essential leads in one of the faculty. Normally, one would hold this position in extend for 2-4 years. But since Mr. A is not one of the superior leagues, they only extend his position for a year and not re-extending it further. As usual, mafia members come first. Second, the university was having an election. This moment was held to vote for the vice deans position. Some members, including some seniors overview the candidates and found out that some are not eligible. But the leader insisted that they are, as some of them are his ally. This is how the mafia system works, from top to root, put your man in a crucial position. And third, these persons could make it to the position of vice dean candidates, because they were approved by the senate members. You know what I mean. Finally, five members of the senate walked out of the room during the election. Way to go. We need more of these kind of people.
This country is so proud for almost 66 years sovereignity, but the mindset of the people is still colonial. We are trapped in our very own mindset while thinking that we are actually freed. No, we’re not!! Education is one of the crucial root for a country, to improve the talents of human resources and develop the nation. That, includes the mindset of the people. Just simply imagine if even in such campus they were busy fighting for crumbs of power, how will they educate the youth? How, with such crumbled mindset, would they inspire their pupils? Those kind of people would normally be an authoritarian in their class, turning off the passion of the students. And I was almost, one of those students. I just didn’t lost my passion yet.
By the way, you can read the news HERE and HERE. The newspaper, despite of being wrote under the politics of whatsoever, uploaded the story. I’m just serving you the missing parts.

the power of distraction

Distraction, in some ways can be used as a method of focus-training. When the rhythm of brain absorbsion slow up, distraction might work to catalyze the mind (for example, when reading). Distraction might work to catalyze the mind, in order to tune back the rhythm. The difficult part is trying not to get over distracted, in this sense, ‘self-alarm’ is required. Why people generally don’t recognize this method, is probably because a mind block. ‘distraction’ is oftenly categorized as a ‘negative’ term (black box), thus the mindset separates the possibility between ‘good things’ (white or maybe, grey box) and ‘distraction’. Mindset blunder. This is the premis that I wrote a few weeks ago. I hope I have more time to figure it out. I need loads of epiphany.


There is a ‘know’ in ‘knowledge’. Is knowledge then still a knowledge if what we know is what we think we know; a form of concept of thoughts in human’s mindset, of the original? (Say, I’m a Platonian and Voloshinov based person.) Then eventually, perhaps human’s knowledge never exist in the first place.
But alas, this is only a Parmenidean based semiotic mind game. The language itself in some sense is a blunderic human built system, where the synthome remains as the unknown most of the time.

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