Sherlock Holmes and My Psychotic Ideas

Have you ever really paid attention to the minor things instead of the major, usual ones? I used to do that. I have different ways to do a lot of things, and one of them is the way I see scenes in movies. Last time I watched Sherlock Holmes 2. My first impression was of course: “Wow. Genius!” That part was no different. But what came later were ideas scattering around my brain, full of questions. Again, I’m required to read a lot to find out thoroughly. I guess no matter how much I tried to find out I never felt its good enough.
Some parts just left huge questions and I guess all I can do for now is note them here so I won’t forget to dig them up, someday when I had the source, so I can do something more satisfying with these information. My personal opinion so far is, this movie secretly describes the sentiments and political pull strings within powerful countries around the World War. Perhaps the brilliant mind-setting scenes were brain boogling, but some sentences and scenes caught my mind.
I hereby note these:

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