random (silly) philosopher joke

Some random things popped in my mind so I decide to tweeted them as a joke. Then I paste them down here plus the clue/explanation, in case you think my idea is too absurd :p btw I might tweet some more, here in my twitter acc: @judithchen

» If dumb ppl would listen to Thales’ speech, perhaps mini fridge will be a boom bang instead of blackberry.

→ because Thales said “everything is basically composed from water” mini fridge would be popular because the dumb might think everything would easily melt or vapor anytime.

» #whenDescartesMeetsTiffie | “hey, I don’t think you belong here. Who are you?” | “Tiffie” | *poof* (tiffie disappear)

→ Tiffie is a nickname to our famous *cough* Indonesian comm&info minister, Tifatul Sembiring

→ because Descartes said “I think, therefore I exist.” Tiffie doesn’t think therefore he disappears.

» Marry me? | eer…you think, no? | uhhh… | you don’t even exist, then | #descartesOD

→ clue: same with the above

» Marry me? | …. | hey don’t ignore me | why? It’s a bliss right | #platoOD

→ because plato said “ignorance is a bliss”

There you go. Hope you like it. Well, if I happen to write some more, I’ll post them here after I post them on twitter. Thanks for reading. See ya! 😉

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